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The FEIN Canadian Power Tool Company, founded in 1964 is the second oldest subsidiary of C. & E. Fein GmbH. FEIN Canada has endeavored to follow closely in the footsteps of the German history and tradition by offering the Canadian market quality power tools supported by a high level of expertise and customer service. For over 140 years, the FEIN brand has stood for application solutions and premium quality, with products specifically designed for intensive daily use in industry and skilled trades. Each FEIN product meets the challenge of solving an application with an operator-oriented approach and lives up to the FEIN reputation for durability and performance. FEIN has broadened its scope throughout the years by adding lines of reputable complimentary products to its mix. FEIN Abrasives, GRIT Belt Grinding Systems and most recently, the Jancy/Slugger product line, are now part of the FEIN range, reinforcing our global presence as “the metalworking specialist”.

 Press Releases

  • FEIN ErgoGrip: more powerful, safe and durable with less fatigue

    Mississauga, September 2015. FEIN introduces compact angle grinders with a new “Rat-tail” handle design: The narrow handle, extended toward the rear, makes FEIN ErgoGrip tools very handy and fatigue-free, enabling continuous work. They are particularly suitable for users in trade and industry with heavy grinding and cutting applications. The powerful, compact angle grinders with FEIN ErgoGrip are available through specialty distributors.

    Ergonomic handle shape for continuous use

    So-called "Rat tail" machines have been in use in North America for many years. One major benefit of this handle shape is a secure grip and machine control with a defined hand position. The angle grinder is not held around the motor housing like barrel-bodied machines, but by a narrow extended handle. All of the thrust is therefore applied in the direction of work. FEIN is the first manufacturer to offer this design in every performance class in the product range, from 1,100 to 1,500 watts, including models especially for stainless steel processing.

    This premium power tool manufacturer has over 100 years of experience in the development of angle grinders. "We have developed various handle designs in comprehensive studies and practical tests to find the optimal handle shape. Achieving maximum contact between palm and handle was our top development priority. FEIN has applied for a patent for this slim grip zone. The large contact area ensures that craftsmen use less energy and do not tire as quickly," said Rainer Warnicki, FEIN's product development manager. With weights starting at 5.3 lbs         (2.4 kg), the machines are among the lightest on the market.

    More control and safety

    The new FEIN ErgoGrip compact angle grinders are equipped with a slim, convex handle. Thanks to a handle length of 4¾ in (120 mm), the machines can be comfortably controlled, even when wearing heavy welders' gloves. They allow for an excellent grip, so that even complex components can be processed flexibly. Angle grinders with FEIN ErgoGrip are available with either lockable or constant pressure switches (dead man's switch). Machines with dead man's switches turn off immediately if the operator releases the switch, they are specially developed for industrial sectors with very high safety requirements, such as refineries and container fabrication.

    Industrial quality compact angle grinders

    Every FEIN angle grinder is developed, produced and assembled at company headquarters in Schwäbisch Gmünd-Bargau, Germany. Even under load, FEIN compact angle grinders work at a high, stable speed and achieve up to 30% faster material removal than competitive products in the same performance class. This is thanks to the high copper content in the motor. Furthermore, they achieve up to 30% longer carbon brush service life which is the result of perfect matching of the major components: motor, gearbox and special ventilation of the commutator/carbon brush system. A solid metal drive head makes the machine particularly robust and durable in heavy use. The drive head can be rotated in 90˚ steps, so an ergonomic working position can be adopted for both cutting and grinding work. They are equipped with a spindle lock and the safety guard is movable and non-slip. All models are supplied with an industrial cable thirteen feet (four meters) in length.

    Three product series

    Compact angle grinders with FEIN ErgoGrip are available in the same three product series as the barrel-body models, with either lockable or constant pressure switch.

    The 1,100 Watt series of compact angle grinders with FEIN ErgoGrip are handy angle grinders with basic functions for deburring, grinding and cutting work.

    The 1,500 Watt series of compact angle grinders with FEIN ErgoGrip have over 400 watts more power thanks to their integrated POWERtronic tacho electronics. Extensive functions are also integrated to protect the user: a soft start allows the machine to start quietly and safely. After a power supply interruption, restart protection ensures that the angle grinder must be switched back on manually, eliminating the possibility of restarting accidentally. If the wheel jams, locking protection switches off the machine, so that it cannot twist in your hand. Electronic overload protection also prevents damage to the motor.

    The INOX series of FEIN ErgoGrip compact angle grinders completes the product line. With variable speed control, they are developed especially for stainless steel processing. Their speed can be set electronically between 2,500 and 8,000 RPM. Even in the lower range, the higher mechanical gear reduction provides a stable speed which makes the machine ideal for polishing, satin finishing, and brushing stainless steel.


    FEIN compact angle grinders with FEIN Ergo Grip are available at specialty distributors. Find distributors at:


  • (Jan 26, 2016)

    New die grinders make it easier to match the tool to the application

    FEIN launches the GSZ line-up with a range of power and RPM options

    June 2015: FEIN Canada unveiled the new GSZ line of die grinders at the Western Manufacturing Technology Show (WMTS) in Edmonton, with a broad range of power and RPM options. The new grinders are available in seven models, to provide more choice to operators based on their industry and application.

    “We’re offering three different power classes: a 350 watt, 750 watt and 1,010 watt to cover a range of applications, from light deburring or brushing to heavy fabrication,” said J.F. Bosse, national sales manager with FEIN Canada.

    Within each power class, operators can also choose the right RPM, to ensure the tool is ideally matched to the job, added Randy McDonald, product manager. “That is so critical when it comes to finishing because all of the abrasives have specific RPMs. Often, not enough attention is paid to the RPM of the abrasives used on straight grinders.”

    FEIN supplies both power tools and abrasives, so technicians and sales staff know how to pair the right abrasive with the application or tool. “With grinders it’s really easy to make a mistake and put the wrong abrasive on the tool and that can cause a serious accident,” said McDonald. “You’ve got to match the abrasive to the tool and the tool to the abrasive. Having this broad range of RPM and power choices allows us to easily do that.”

    Constant speed and torque

    The new grinders also provide enhanced control and quality, through built-in technology.

    “Some of the grinder models [such as the GSZ 8-280 PEL] have Fein POWERtronic tacho electronics which provide constant speed and torque,” said Bosse. “That’s what delivers the results, especially in finishing—speed and torque are critical.”

    Consistent tool performance is key to quality and safety in just about every application where the grinders are used, such as shipbuilding, steel fabrication and foundries, added McDonald.

    “Even when you’re grinding or cutting you want that constant speed and torque to avoid cutting into a piece of material and having the tool bog down or jam. It helps the performance of the abrasives in grinding and cutting, and also finishing as well. With constant speed and torque you get a more consistent finish.”

    View video of FEIN die grinders

    The grinders offer ergonomic benefits such as low vibration and the FEIN ErgoGrip—reducing operator fatigue and helping to prevent injuries.

    The safety interlock switch prevents the tool from starting on its own following power outage situations. The operator must first turn the switch to ‘off’ and then ‘on’ to restart the grinder.

    Click here to learn more about the new GSZ range of grinders.


    FEIN has been a world-leading power tool manufacturer for over 140 years. FEIN Canadian Power Tool Company, located in Mississauga, Ont., provides a range of high-quality power tools and accessories. Visit www.fein.ca for more information.


  • FEIN ErgoGrip Rat-tail Grinders
    New line of FEIN ErgoGrip “rat-tail” grinders offer greater control, efficiency and safety with their ergonomic handles, durable motors with high copper content for maximum power, and choice of lockable or constant pressure switches. ...

  • Introducing a brand new generation of FEIN Rat-tail grinders with ErgoGrip — ergonomic handles that provide maximum contact between hand and machine.

    New ErgoGrip grinders feature:

    • Premium "Made in Germany" quality
    • FEIN 3-year guarantee plus the new FEIN Canada Enhanced Warranty Program.
    • ideal handle position for working with reduced fatigue;
    • increased safety, thanks to the non-slip grip;
    • secure hold and control, even when wearing welders’ gloves;
    • precise electronic speed selection with thumb on polishing version;
    • lockable switch or constant pressure switch;
    • easy switching with two fingers and no change of grip;
    • easy maintenance thanks to two service caps for fast carbon brush replacement;
    • durable, overload protection motor with high copper content for maximum power;
    • newly developed fan design for optimal air flow;
    • optimal switch position.
    • soft start, restart protection and jam protection on “Power” versions;
    • Variable speed control model for stainless steel processing
  • FEIN High Performance Die Grinders
    Nothing is out of reach! With new FEIN GSZ die grinders - safe, powerful, and durable. They feature impressive product benefits such as powerful motors, extra-long necks for tight areas, and innovative collets to protect from work piece damage...

  • FEIN’s new high performance die grinders are suitable for all significant applications in the steel and stainless steel field. Thanks to their optimal shape and outstanding reach, grinding and polishing work can easily be carried out, even on difficult-to-reach spots.

    New GSZ die grinders feature:

    • Made in Germany by FEIN
    • Largest product line, power range 350 to 1010 W
    • Safe, powerful, and durable
    • Neck sizing great for hard to reach places
    • Choice of design, barrel body or rat-tail
    • High material removal for every job
    • Faster work for increased productivity
    • Constant and variable speed settings
    • Unique FEIN ErgoGrip for minimal fatigue
    • Great weight distribution and balance
    • Low vibration rating
    • Metal dust guard on armature and field coil
    • 3 year warranty