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Including its subsidiaries and affiliates, AMADA Global is a group composed of approximately 80 companies that have established AMADA as the world leader in the engineering and manufacturing of advanced metalworking machinery. AMADA is committed to the ongoing development of new machine technologies that achieve the highest levels of performance and enable manufacturers to reduce operating costs while becoming environmentally responsible. AMADA CANADA sales and service facilities are located in Granby, QC, Toronto, ON, Calgary, AB and Vancouver, BC.


  • AMADA ENSIS with CL Automation
    AMADA's 3kW ENSIS fiber laser technology utilizes a highly innovative resonator to automatically and precisely adjust the diameter of the laser beam. This unique feature enables continuous processing of thin-to-thick materials....

  • The ENSIS Series uses AMADA's proprietary fiber laser technology to process both thin and thick materials without a cutting lens change or manual setup. The 3kW fiber engine incorporates AMADA's ENSIS Technology that optimizes the laser mode and Beam Parameter Product (BPP) based on the material thickness being processed. The ENSIS Series achieves high-speed cutting in thin material, a key capability of fiber technology, and the ability to process thick plate efficiently.

    The AMS 3015 CL was engineered to provide a flexible automation solution that reduces unnecessary machine downtime due to manual material loading.  Manufactured with precision at our facility in Brea, California, the AMS CL can automatically and consistently perform material handling operations — resulting in maximum machine productivity.

    All AMS CL modules feature a symmetrical design that allows their placement to be either on the front or rear side of a laser cutting system. This type of flexibility is key, especially if your shop's floor layout changes in the future. Other factors that were considered in the AMS CL's design were obstructions such as walls or structure beams, which can present a challenge when expanding conventional automation systems.

  • AMADA HG 1003 ATC
    AMADA’s HG servo/hydraulic press brake and Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) provide the optimal bending solution for high-mix, low-volume production....

  • Amada engineered the HG ATC as an ideal solution for variable lot sizes and eliminating the costly delays associated with manual tool setups. The patented Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) with patented Amada tooling can load the most complex tool setups within three minutes and allows operators of varied experience levels to efficiently utilize this bending system. Quick tool setups achieved by the ATC gives users the ability to seamlessly introduce rush jobs and triple or quadruple the amount of setups performed each day.

    Many factors were considered in the engineering of Amada's patented ATC Tooling — including tool balance, verticality, and acute tolerances. In addition to the standard requirements of press brake tooling, Amada's tooling design accounts for motion during loading/unloading and accurate punch tip alignment, which is magnified depending on the height of the tool. All of
    these crucial tooling characteristics were thoroughly tested and attained by leveraging new tool manufacturing methods to ensure accurate, repeatable, and rapid tool changes with the ATC.

    Depending on the HG ATC model, the ATC is capable of storing up to 112.8 feet of patented, high-precision tooling and is equipped with four tool manipulators that place punches and dies along the length of the press brake. Additionally, tooling can also be installed in reverse orientation. Other standard features on the HG ATC include an AMNC 3i Control, an integrated bend sensor (Bi-S) that guarantees consistent bend angle accuracy, and a servo/hydraulic drive system that consumes less energy than a conventional press brake.

  • AMADA HM 1003
    High-Precision, Hydraulic Press Brake...

  • The HM 1003 is the latest addition to AMADA’s press brake lineup that offers an exceptional price/performance ratio. This 110-ton press brake is engineered to provide maximum productivity while requiring minimal setup. The HM 1003 features a hydraulic proportional valve to ensure that parts are produced efficiently and accurately.

    An AMNC touchscreen control with graphical interface allows operators to retrieve programs generated with AMADA’s programming software. Dr.ABE_Bend software allows parts to be verified offline in a 3D environment before beginning production. Bending programs include 3D part information, tool data, and bend sequence. Programs are stored locally on a server and are fully compatible with AMADA’s HG and HD Series of press brakes. Through offline programming, fabricators can eliminate guesswork at the machine and significantly reduce setup times.

    To further speed setup and boost productivity, the HM 1003 features a high-speed, multiple axis backgauge. Rapid movement on all axes ensures that the gauge fingers are in place as quickly as the operator positions the part. The stability and accuracy of the HM 1003 is enhanced by a rigid frame design that features a larger open height than other machines in its class. The increased distance between tooling and greater stroke length yields a larger processing area — enabling deep box bending while making part extraction faster and easier. This feature is especially useful when unloading parts with large flanges.

    The high-speed, high-precision HM 1003 is another example of AMADA’s commitment to the ongoing development of new machine technologies that achieve the highest levels of performance while reducing setup and operating costs.
  • AMADA EG 4010
    Compact, All-Electric Press Brake...

  • AMADA’s EG Series of compact press brakes provide the ideal solution for producing small sheet metal components that demand a high degree of precision. A key feature of the EG Series is its high-speed Dual Servo Power

    (DSP) Drive System. Two AC-servo motors allow the EG to reach quick approach, bending, and return speeds that yield fast part cycle times — resulting in more parts per hour.

    Equipped with an AMNC 3i (intelligent, interactive, integrated) control, the EG Series achieves high-speed and high-accuracy with unprecedented ease of use. An 18.5" multi-touch LCD panel ensures simplified operation. The user-friendly screen is designed for intuitive operation allowing for fast and efficient entry even if an operator lacks experience. Enhanced database network features ensure better communication between the CAM program and the AMNC 3i — resulting in less manual interaction and faster processing.  

    The EG Series is also equipped with a Thickness Detection System (TDS) to maintain bending accuracy while processing materials that vary in type, thickness and grain direction. TDS reads variance of material thickness and compensates depth position automatically to ensure precise bending results.

    A 5-axis backgauge with L-Shift functionality speeds setup for complex parts while ensuring repeatable accuracy. High-speed movement on all axes enables the gauge fingers to be positioned as quickly as the operator positions the part. For added efficiency, an optional folding work table is available for the EG 4010 — allowing operators to sit comfortably while producing parts.



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