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Air Liquide Canada - a leading Canadian producer and distributor of industrial and specialty gases, serving more than 110,000 customers, coast-to-coast, in a wide range of industries, from oil and gas, mining, automotive, aeronautics, metallurgy, metal fabrication to chemical and agri-food industries

Shielding gases
For more than a century, Air Liquide has committed itself to offering quality welding and cutting gases across the country. Air Liquide Canada offers a complete line of BLUESHIELD™ shielding gas mixtures for welding.

Welding products and equipment 

With its BLUESHIELD™ brand and preferred suppliers, Air Liquide Canada offers a complete line of welding products and equipment to facilitate your welding and cutting work. Whether you need electrodes, torches, cables or hoses, you’ll find it all in our BLUESHIELD™ line of products.

With its line of welding apparel including gloves, goggles and helmets, the BLUESHIELD™  brand provides protection for any welding work that you need to accomplish.


  • BLUESHIELD Abrasives
    Now, BLUESHIELD has extended its welding technology expertise to offer a full line of powerful abrasive solutions to respond to your cutting, grinding and blending needs....


    “Works for all applications”
    A premium performance cut-off wheel engineered to deliver a faster, cooler and higher-quality cut. Rigid, reinforced wheel adds stability and improves safety.

    BLUECUT™ offers the lowest overall cost-per-cut on the market. Specially designed for use on steel and stainless steel.

    + Significant savings
    + More cuts than the competition
    + Wears evenly offering long life
    + Engineered to cut faster for gains in productivity
    + Improved product safety and operator comfort


    “Cuts virtually anything with ease”
    BLUECHOP™ wheels are specially conceived for the demands of portable chop saw applications. The wheels guarantee quick cuts with minimal effort for user-friendly performance and longer lifespan.

    + Robust wheel for all types of hard-to-cut materials
    + Fast, easy cutting action reduces load on motor, extending chop saw life
    + Optimized for long life and substantial savings


    Perfect combination of comfort and ease of grinding”
    An excellent choice for a wide range of steel grinding operations. A perfect blend of high-strength abrasive grain for added durability and aggressive grinding action with less effort.

    + Perfect balance for outstanding comfort
    + Increased efficiency—get the job done faster
    + Maximum grinding action, minimum effort


    “The most comfortable disc on the market”
    A solid-performing general purpose flap disc for use in the most demanding applications and markets— from industrial and metal fabrication to construction. Premium self-sharpening zirconia alumina abrasive grain is suitable for a superior material removal rate with less effort.

    + Specially engineered to work with minimum pressure for less operator fatigue
    + Superior material removal for a lower total cost
    + Keeps its cutting edge for faster project completion

    With EXELTOP™ focus on your own performance...


    Ensure superior results.

    Gain performance
    Intuitive to use - ensures accurate and stable gas flow.

    Save money
    No need to buy and maintain a separate regulator - regular checks by Air Liquide.

    Work safely
    Emergency cut-off –Protected valve – No more exposure to high pressure gas flow.

    Save time
    Ready to use due to the built-in regulator and on/off lever- quick connect available for all gases.

    Save gas
    No gas loss thanks to the on/off lever - check content at a glance with the permanent pressure gauge.



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