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    The coating solution for Advanced High Strenght Steel forming applications...

  • BALINIT FORMERA and FORMERA PLUS –developed to meet the challenges of AHSS forming

    Emissions legislation and increased passenger safety, require lighter, stronger vehicles. To fulfil these requirements the % use of Advanced High Strength Steel (AHSS) material and the MPa strength of these parts is increasing with every new model. Tools forming AHSS parts require even stronger surface solutions to ensure high quality and productivity in these demanding applications.

    BALINIT FORMERA was developed to meet these challenges: Tough draw and flanging applications >500 MPa 1.5 mm; high strength steel applications like deepdrawing of AHSS, Flanging of AHSS and Trimming of AHSS.

    Coating material: CrAlN-based for BALINIT FORMERA; CrTiN-based for BALINIT FORMERA PLUS.

    Coating hardness in GPA: 28 +/-2 for BALINIT FORMERA and 42 +/- 2 for BALINIT FORMERA PLUS.

    Coefficient of friction (dry) vs. steel: 0.35 for both.

    Max. coating temperature (°C): 480 for BALINIT FORMERA and 450 for BALINIT FORMERA PLUS.

    Coating color: silver-light gray for both.



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