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Ergotronix, Inc. is a designer and manufacturer of innovative ergonomic factory equipment that helps create a safe and comfortable work environment, while reducing the likelihood of expensive work injuries. The product line includes unique multi-directional conveyor rollers, compact, simple-to-use battery-powered lift/transporters, electric and hydraulic telescopic lift columns, and multi-axis work positioners that allow each operator to create a safe and comfortable work position in any work environment, even when handling loads up to 13,000 lbs.


  • Ergo Roller
    A flexible and versatile conveyor roller that allows you to move, transfer and turn material smoothly and easily in ANY direction....

  • Application
    With unlimited applications, the modular roll design fits all conveyor transfer areas.

    Ergonomic Benefit
    · Eliminate employee strain, fatigue and injury.
    · Create a safer and more productive work environment.

    Standard Features
    · Offers unprecedented flexibility in moving packages or products in any direction.
    · Modular design provides maximum build flexibility and customization for any formation and application.
    · No maintenance and lubrication required - ever.
    · Each individual roller element, as well as the main core, is made of corrosion resistant polyacetal plastic.
    · Lightweight, plastic construction with stainless steel axles.
    · Plastic, no-bearing rollers prevent damaging, scoffing or marring of transferred material.
    · Suitable for wet environments including submersion applications.
    · Open construction which does not accumulate dirt or debris and prevents lock-up problems.
    · Wide roller contact surface distributes the load therefore reducing indentation.
    · The multidirectional roller function is optimized in a paired duplex configuration, but the simplex roller is a practical alternative for lighter weight applications.

  • Ergo Tranz
    An innovative compact, battery-powered lift/transporter that allows anyone to easily and efficiently transport material or object you are moving that is too heavy or awkward to lift manually. Options available to lift and transport, up to 600 pounds....

  • Application
    Unlimited applications in any industry. Advantageous in any warehouse, shopfloor or work area. Ideal even in narrow and confined spaces. Ergo Tranz replaces hand trolleys, stackers, winches with a simple and practical solution for every task.

    Ergonomic Benefit
    · Eliminate employee strain, fatigue and injury.
    · Create a safer and more productive work environment.

    Standard Features
    · Designed and built in the USA for the most robust and heavy-duty applications.
    · Light-weight, solid aluminum construction.
    · Easily maneuverable in confined spaces and narrow aisles.
    · Precision lift screw mechanism for lift position accuracy.
    · Smooth, precise and accurate load positioning.
    · Lift brake provides accurate positioning and safe holding with no creep.
    · Customized powered or non-powered lift attachments available.
    · Hand pendent controls all lift and powered End-Effector functions.
    · Available in 220 lbs., 450 lbs. and 600 lbs. load capacities.
    · Smart features like variable lift speed between 0 - 6"/sec. for precise positioning.
    · Overload protection for operator safety and equipment protection.
    · Sleep mode with touch button wake up to extend battery life.
    · Heavy duty 24 Volt sealed batteries (18 amp-hours) for many hours of operation between charges.
    · Built-in high frequency solid-state universal charger (90-240VAC) with automatic charge cut-off and trickle float that can be left connected indefinitely without harming batteries.
    · Battery state-of-charge status display during charging.
    · Lift-inhibit prevents operation during battery charging.
    · Three-position foot-operated rear brake control system with parking brake, normal swivel or directional steering of rear casters.



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