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  • EcoAir Filtration System
    Our industrial EcoAir filtration units improve indoor air quality through a patented filtration process, reducing air particulate by over 50% on average in large open spaced fabrication, warehouse and manufacturing facilities....

  • We all know what the quality of air is like in a manufacturing facility or warehouse. We grew up working in this type of environment and have seen the impact on our health first hand. Indoor industrial air quality is a problem – particularly at occupant level – and we want to bring awareness to it, as we offer a solution that improves it dramatically.

    Think about it.

    Truthfully, installing an air cleaner up in the ceiling doesn’t make sense. Air at the ceiling level is warmer by nature and therefore stays there. You’re cleaning the air where no one actually works, and that clean air cannot get down to where it’s needed.

    The misconception is that smoke and fumes rise to the ceiling.

    You’re probably thinking that you don’t want to bring these fumes back down, but if you watch them from a few feet away, you’ll notice that after rising 3 feet quickly, they begin to spread out evenly in all directions. If you can smell them at floor-level they are NOT all up in the ceiling.

    As the fumes rise and spread they also cool very rapidly. The heavier particles such as soot and fine metal particulate float or slowly settle at occupant level. An air cleaner way up in the ceiling has no chance of collecting this.



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