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  • Handheld laser induced breakdown (LIBS) spectromet
    THE KT-100S HANDHELD LIBS ANALYZER provides a truly ruggedized alternative for more accurate identification of a large number of metal alloys, to ensure higher profitability and product quality....

  • Within seconds, the Katana KT-100S handheld metal analyzer easily performs identification of the most difficult alloy grades, including aluminum, stainless, copper, titanium, nickel, cupro-nickel, etc.. KT-100S utilizes laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) enabling durable and accurate alloy identification for use in:
    *Scrap metal sorting
    *Quality assurance in metal fabrication
    *Positive material identification (PMI) in mission-critical operations, such as aerospace and petrochemical industries. 
    The Belec Compact Port HLC is the World's only Portable Hybrid Spectrometer for Metal Analysis For perfect Analysis of Carbon combined with Best and Unique Flexibility and latest 6GSO-System....

  • The Belec Compact Port HLC spectrometer offers a variety of application possibilities. Whether it is used for measurings in production areas, on pipes in construction sites or on scrap yards - moving from one application to another is no problem for the instrument with its heat-stabilised climatic chamber. Furthermore, only one person is needed for transport and operation of the equipment.



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