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ShopEdge offers a comprehensive ERP Software solution for Metal Stamping and repetitive manufacturing environments with a strong shop floor focus. We are the only ERP solution that focuses solely on the Metal Stamping industry, which provides our customers with a competitive advantage.

We offer a veriety of applications for flexible hardware options and software platforms. Client-server, cloud and hybrid deployments are available. All of our development and support is handled in-house, and we have 100% customer referenceability. Our customers include Metal Stampers in the Automotive, Appliance, Aerospace and Consumer Products industries.

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  • ShopEdge Android Application
    The Shop Edge Android™ Application allows end users to access actionable data with quicker response times resulting in decreased downtime, better customer service, and increased employee productivity all while maximizing your hardware investment....

  • ShopEdge's powerful Android application offers a complete shop floor solution for stampers.  Modules include: Production Control with Workcenter Management, Quality Assurance, Inventory Management with Cycle Counts, Tooling and Equipment Maintenance with Timecard and Work Order Management, and Shipping & Receiving.

    • Full integration into Shop Edge ERP Software using your preferred hardware or Android™ device
    • Increased enterprise-wide communication and productivity
    • Easy to navigate user interface
    • Accessible on all types of devices on the Android™ mobile operating system, as well as handheld mobile computer devices & forklift terminals
    • Increased customer service due to quicker response times
    • Real-time access to workcenter and item production information including efficiency, inventory, quality and downtime information
    • Enhanced productivity in Production, Quality, Shipping & Receiving and Tooling & Equipment as users are able to view and easily enter information in the application
    • Maximize your hardware investment with support for a wide range of mobile devices

  • Machine Integration Module with Shop Floor Monitor
    ShopEdge has closed the gap between ERP software and machines with our Machine Integration module. This module eliminates cumbersome data entry by pulling critical production information directly from any machine, with or without a PLC device....

  • ShopEdge Software is the leader in providing a highly adaptable, industry focused, ERP solution that streamlines shop floor manufacturing from raw materials to finished goods for the Metal Stamping Industry. ShopEdge Software has bridged the gap between ERP software and the shop floor with the introduction of our Machine Integration module. This module eliminates cumbersome and error-laden data entry by pulling important production information directly from any machine, with or without a PLC device. See your shop floor in real-time with our new Shop Floor Monitor. Valuable production information is captured straight from the shop floor to feed the highly visual, information rich display. It is easily accessible anywhere from a web browser, or directly from our Android application. Direct communication between ERP software and the shop floor provides accurate, real-time data as a foundation for our powerful business intelligence reporting. Our wide selection of reports provides insight to help increase your OEE, decrease downtime, and improve overall profitability.

    • Automatically populate valuable production data with minimal operator input.
    • Integrate with any machine, either directly with a PLC, or using intermediate hardware.
    • View machine data and job infomation remotely via our Android Application.
    • Know exactly when machines are down, why they are down, and troubleshoot recurring issues.
    • Gain access to granular machine data to help improve OEE.
    • Improve production efficiency, and maximize resources.
    • Benefit from an extensive library of production reports that enable company decisions to improve profitability.



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