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Founded in 1945, ABICOR BINZEL specializes in the development and production of inert-gas shielded MIG/MAG welding torches and related welding equipment that enhance productivity, produce cost savings and value, and improve metalworking operations in all industries. Since our inception, ABICOR BINZEL has created many unique and patented prodeucts in the manual and automted welding space that have been market leading and unmatched in their performance and innovation. We strive to be pioneers in technological trends and innovative design for the welder's world, and our continuous development of new and unique welding products proves such drive.

With more than 30 subsidiaries, more than 20 exclusive sales partners and over 1,000 employees worldwide, ABICOR BINZEL is represented in more than 50 countries. Our production plants are located in the headquarters in Buseck, Germany and in our plant in Dresden, Germany as well as in the United States, Brazil, Russia, Czech Republic, India, and China.

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  • ABIROB Cyclone
    Full, endless, 360° rotation improves welding cell productivity and reduces downtime. The ABIROB Cyclone can take your welding process to the next level!...

  • It has arrived. A robotic welding torch with endless, 360-degree rotation and a superior current transfer that high production operations demand. ABIROB Cyclone, the evolution of the iconic ABIROB air-cooled torch series, achieves decreased program and cycle time for robot arms with endless clockwise or counterclockwise rotation on the axis-6.

    Cyclone's patent-protected thrust bearing technology and unmatched torch material selection mean the torch maintains it's amperage while welding and rotating simultaneously. The smooth rotation of the wrist insulator means there is no catch on the cable, so cable life is extended even more!

    The robust modular design of Cyclone makes maintenance and troubleshooting simple. Minimal amount of tools needed to upkeep the torch. And, with a Tool Center Point match for our existing ABIROB through-arm series on many models, endless rotation conversion is easy with no robot re-programming necessary.

  • Electronic Welding Regulator (EWR2 & EWR2 Net)
    Stop paying more than you need to on gas. Using the EWR2 or EWR2 Net will reduce wasted gas while improving weld quality and shielding gas coverage!...

  • The EWR 2 systems use a patented function principle with an extremly fast solenoid valve to regulate the gas flow in real-time and in synchronization with the welding current. External factors such as changes in ambient temperatures, changing gas inlet, or counter- pressures from the connected cable assembly can  be safely compensated. In this way, the EWR 2 guarantees the savings potential and controls the gas flow more precisely than traditional gas control systems. Using the EWR2 can yield up to 40-60% saving of protective gases.



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