Walter Surface Technologies

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Pointe-Claire,  QC  H9R 1C1

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Walter Surface Technologies is an International leader offering innovative products to metalworking professionals in North America, South America and Europe. Mainly known for its high quality abrasives and power tools for 60 years, Walter also offers parts cleaning systems, tooling, industrial cleaners and lubricants as well as welding aids.


  • Coolcut XX
    Walter’s Coolcut XX™ sanding discs are formulated with an exclusive abrasive grain blend to provide 6 times more stock removal than aluminum oxide discs. These discs extremely high removal rates, even when compared to some grinding wheels....

  • COOLCUT XX is a Walter high-performance product that features an exclusive high-tech blend of abrasive grains as well as bond and cooling agents – enabling industry workers to blend and finish more pieces than ever before with the toughest sanding disc on the market today.

    The new and improved COOLCUT XX general purpose sanding disc products feature Cyclone self-sharpening grains technology which remove more material in less time when compared to a regular sanding disc – six times more stock removal compared to regular sanding discs. Featuring a flexible cross-centre design on all 4 ½” (115mm) and 5” (125mm) for mounting ease, the COOLCUT XX sanding discs are suitable for heat-sensitive metals such as stainless steel, sanding and finishing of stainless and alloys, weld removal, grinding and more. All 7” sanding discs are preformed to fit precisely on Walter Surface Technologies’ Turbo backing pads without warping, allowing maximum contact with the work piece. Additionally, ribbed backing provides added heat dissipation. Turbo backing pads should be used with COOLCUT XX discs for maximum benefit. With the orange cooling agent, it also ensures cool cutting to prevent burning and distortion – the COOLCUT XX now delivers 90 percent more stock removal than previous versions, provides two times faster cutting than regular sanding, and is designed to provide a consistent surface finish, disc after disc. “We are pleased to announce the new COOLCUT XX sanding disc products are designed for demanding industry environments and today stand as the toughest sanding discs on the market. Today’s industry users are looking for sanding discs that offer a high material removal rate to ensure high levels of operational efficiency and productivity compared to conventional sanding disc products,” said Jonathan Douville, Product Manager, Walter Surface Technologies International.



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