Huys Industries Ltd

175 Toryork Dr
Apt 35
Weston,  ON  M9L 1X9

  • Booth: 1280

Since 1981, Huys has been a world-wide leader in innovation in resistance welding and related joining techniques, with three manufacturing operations in Canada and the U.S.A.  
We have developed a range of innovative products and equipment such as the Taper Tool, TiCaps, Projection Grounding Blocks, and Modular Weld Heads for Projection Welding. We also offer simulation software, Flow Drill Screw Joining Machines, Low Energy Welding, Weld Timers and more!!!


  • Low Energy Welding Equipment
    A new process enabling users to weld virtually any material to any surface without a heat affected zone!


  • LEW is a micro welding process that uses short duration electrical pulses to deposit electrode materials onto conductive substrates. Electrical parameters are adjustable to meet different power output requirements.

    This new equipment from Huys Industries is designed specifically for surface repairs and the joining of dissimilar materials. This is achieved with several applicator options, and a wide range of settings.



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