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    Capacitor Discharge Pin Welder
    Lighter at only 18.5 lbs
    Made in Canada
    Faster Re-charge
    Program your name in the display for security

  • The BRUTE II CAPACITOR DISCHARGE PIN WELDER is capable of welding 14ga, 12ga, 10ga, 3/16  (#10) diameter as well as cupped head pins (mild steel, stainless steel and aluimnum).

    Designed and produced in Ontario, Canada, the BRUTE II is considered to be lightest and fastest pin welder on the market.  Using the rugged AGM 250CB gun allows you to weld long pins without the need for legs, foot or anti-skid accessories.

  • ACCU 500
    Battery operated Pin Welder
    Up to 1000 welds per charge*
    Push button control with library (memory)
    Lightweight at only 22 lbs...

  • The ACCU-500  BATTERY OPERATED PIN WELDER  is the first of its kind, using a lithium battery.

    Pre-programmed settings for 12ga, 10ga, Cupped Head pins and 3/16 (#10)  are set up in the library mode for easy push button function.

    The ACCU-500 pinwelder is able to charge while you are welding. There is no downtime waiting for the unit to charge.

    Spare batteries and chargers are also available in the event you dont have access to charge.



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