laservision USA

595 Phalen Blvd
Saint Paul,  MN  55130-5303

United States
  • Booth: 1101

laservision USA designs and manufactures a complete line of laser protection products, including laser safety glasses, goggles, face shields, laser viewing windows, barrier systems, laser safety audits, training and consulting services. 

Our products are distributed across the globe for use in industry, research, medicine and the military. We develop protection products for laser users, distributors, manufacturers and systems integrators. 

laservision USA takes particular pride in customer service and the ability to develop tailored solutions specific to your requirements. Our Certified Laser Safety Officers (CLSOs) are always available to assist customers worldwide. We are your laser safety experts and will continue our leadership in safety products and exceptional customer service.


  • Modular Laser Barrier System
    Our new module design allows for fast and easy construction of protective laser barriers and enclosures. We customize each unit with laser-rated panels and safe viewing windows, according to your requirements....

  • Modular Laser Barrier System

    Protect your workspace with our new Modular Barriers. This customizable system allows for fast and easy construction of high power protective barriers to fit your laser environment. We customize each unit with panels, laser-safe viewing windows, and doors according to your safety requirements. Materials rated up to 25,000 W/cm2. Each segment can be equipped with wheels for a more portable solution. Our laser safety experts are available to assist you in designing the protection you need.



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