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MSI, in partnership with MVD Makina, is a supplier of fabricating equipment and tooling.  MVD was established in 1950 and is distributed in over 86 countries.  Our products include lasers, shears, press brakes, expanded metal machines, turret punch presses, plasma-oxy cutting machines and ironworkers.


  • iBend B-series
    The iBend B-series was designed for both small and large production runs and quick set ups. It’s a fully automated press brake with Wila CNC crowning, Y1, Y2, and Unimec X axis....

  • Add the option of sheet followers and once the operator enters the program the machine takes care of the set up.  The B-series can easily be modified to work in tandem for high volume environments.  In such a situation both brakes could be working independently or in unison as one long bending surface.   



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