Optrel Inc

5 Division St Ste 35
E Greenwich,  RI  02818-3862

United States
  • Booth: 1187

optrel, a Swiss technology expert, is an industry leading specialist in the manufacturing of automatic darkening filters that are used in welding protection products as well as medical protection glasses. The company focuses on safety, health and efficiency of welders worldwide.

The international operating company was established in 1986 and is headquartered in Wattwil (Switzerland). While Optrel Inc, located in East Greenwich, RI maintains the operations of North America.
 The groundbreaking innovations point out the companys leadership in technology while offering unbeatable advantages to each welder.

Optrel displays the swiss made symbol in the tradition of swiss companies striving for superior quality, outstanding performance and maximum safety by working on evoluntionary innovation and reliability. 

The development, production, and sales of optroelectronic welding helmets, powered air purififying respirators and auto darkening filters for Personal Protective Applications is accredited by the quality management system ISO9001

Trust in highest swiss quality. Trust optrel.


  • Panoramaxx Welding Helmet
    Maxximize your horizon.
    So wide. So light. So true color.
    The panoramaxx offers an unprecedented visual element for the welder. You've never seen welding this way before....

  • All Innovations- Now in one product

    With the panoramaxx, optrel united all our major innovations for the first time into one single helmet.

    The panoramaxx offers an unprecedented visual environment for the welder. A nose cut-out in the auto-darkening filter (ADF) brings the lens closer to the eyes, enlarging the field of view 6 times compared to a standard ADF.

    Together with a world record light state of 2.5, optrel’s True Color view, and the Autopilot feature that fully automates shade level adjustments while you weld, the optrel panoramaxx provides maximum viewing comfort, never seen before in an auto-darkening helmet.

    PANORAMA VIEW-  The optrel panoramaxx offers a 6 times larger field of view compared to standard welding helmets but is still a lightweight at only 550 g.

    AUTOPILOT- Fully automated adjustment from shade level 5 to 12.

    LIGHT STATE 2.5- The much brighter view of your working environment in light state increases both safety and efficiency in the workplace.

    TRUE COLOR VIEW- A specially developed UV/IR  filter allows the realistic color per-ception typical of optrel, bringing color to the welder’s world.

    STATE-OF-THE-ART POWER TECHNOLOGY- With its rechargeable power-pack, changing batteries is no longer necessary.

    MULTI- SENSOR DETECTION- The completely redesigned controls of the 5-sensor array ensure the perfect regulation of the auto-darkening filter.



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