Techni Waterjet

4143 Cedar Springs Road
Burlington,  ON  L7P 0P6

  • Booth: 475

Techni Waterjet is a leading producer of waterjet Machines and Pumps. Their Patented Electric Servo Pump is responsable for their machines being the lowest operating cost in the industry, In additon to being the most ecconomical to run Techni's machines are also the most accurate and backed with a 5 year unlimited hour mechnaical garenty. 

Allfi Waterjet is a Swiss manufacturer of HP components and cutting head components. Their Nano Diamonds Orifces are the longest lasting and most eccomomical available today. Their HP lines are priced to compete. 

Samzach sell everything related to the waterjet industry including Chiller, Reverse Osmosis Systems and Water Recycling Systems. Please stop by our booth #475.


  • Techni Waterjet Electric Servo Pump Gen 4
    Techni Waterjet is proud to introduce the latest in waterjet technology. The new Gen 4 Electric Servo Pump comes standard with the new patented Advanced Diagnostics. See us at Booth 475...

  • The Techni Waterjet Gen 4 Electric Servo Pumps are 50 HP at 90% efficient delivering 45 HP at the nozzle. Available in 55,000 PSI and 66,000 PSI models they deliver and impressive 1.2 GPM and 1 GPM cutting water capability.

    The pumps are designed to easily connect both electrically and plumbing for up to 10 units together for multi head applications.

    Techni's Electric Servo pumps are know to be quite and the new Gen 4 follow suit with an impressive noise Level rating of only 70 dBA.

    Dead head pressure spikes are virtually eliminated with the precision control of the Electric Servo Pump saving thousands in cost of HP components, On/Off valves and HP lines.

    HP Seal changes are still an impressive 3 minutes and 40 second so no need to keep a spare wet end on the shelf like other pump designs.

    The new patented Advanced Diagnostic is standard on the new Gen 4 pumps. It was designed to ensure the pump continues to preform at it's capacity without unplanned downtime due to maintenance issues. The system will monitor and prevent damage to the pump due to poor maintenance or unforeseen utility failures.

    Techni parts replacement are the lowest in the industry. HP seal kit is only $230 CDN and stocked in Canada.

    The Techni Electric Servo Pumps are responsible for a 40% savings in operating cost compared to other waterjet technology available.

    Techni Pumps are designed for easy integration into robotic cells, other manufacturers machines or marry extremely well with our 3 to 6 axis tables.



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