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Tower Metalworking Fluids develops and manufactures premium metalworking fluids.  We service companies worldwide, from small family owned business to Fortune 500 companies. Leading manufacturers in all industries, including automotive, appliance, defense, transportation heavy equipment, building materials, medical, and home products, trust and rely on Tower for superior products, outstanding customer service, and world class manufacturing facilities. 

We offer advance technology metalworking fluids and excel at improving the productivity and profitability of companies that cut and form metal.  With our superior hands on technical expertise, offering you the greatest overall value in metal working fluids.

Knowledge is Power and that is exactly what Customers gain with Tower.  Utilizing our advance R&D capabilities, manufacturing knowledge and technical support, we offer proven saving in numerous areas of the manufacturing process.  Our slogan “Engineered Solutions – Bottom Line Results” says it all.

Tower is wholly committed to bringing innovative, environmentally responsible and economical viable technologies to market.


  • SAF-T-COOL with Clean Fluid Technology (CFT)
    Metal removal and forming coolants with leading edge CFT and EHS technology designed to improve tool life, extend sump life, and eliminate build up....

  • SAF-T-COOL utilizes Clean Fluid Technology (CFT) that will continuously clean and rinse the machine as it runs, eliminating residues and protecting against corrosion.  Advanced generation additive technology provides superior surface finishes as well as increased tool life and sump life.  Products are equipped with Green Fluid Technology, providing a Pictogram and Hazard Free enviroment for workers.  SAF-T-COOL products provide exceptional performance and lubricity on ALL metals.  
  • TOWERPRO 5950-E
    TOWERPRO 5950-E is a non-hazardous, pictogram free, chlorine and sulfur free, heavy duty, multi-purpose, metal forming lubricant. It is designed for use on operations that include punching, multi-stage forming, drawing, and deep drawing....

  • TOWERPRO 5950-E is a chlorine and sulfur free, heavy duty, multi-purpose, metal forming lubricant designed for use on operations that include punching, multi-stage forming, drawing, and deep drawing.  It is suitable for use with high strength steels, galvanized, galvannealed, stainless steel, and aluminum.

    TOWERPRO 5950-E only uses chemicals that are globally acceptable, and it is GADSL compliant as well as non-hazardous and pictogram free. TOWERPRO 5950-E uses new additive technologies that produce outstanding lubricity and an extreme pressure lubricating film, without the use of chlorinated paraffins or sulfur. It is compatible with carbide tooling and can replace straight oils.

    TOWERPRO 5950-E is formulated to provide extended sump life and have low foaming characteristics making it suitable for recirculating flood systems. TOWERPRO 5950-E exhibits exceptional wetting on metal surfaces and leaves a light non-sticky oily film that provides good in-process rust protection.



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