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Mississauga,  ON  L4Z 2E5

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The FEIN Canadian Power Tool Company, founded in 1964 is the second oldest subsidiary of C. & E. Fein GmbH. FEIN Canada has endeavored to follow closely in the footsteps of the German history and tradition by offering the Canadian market quality power tools supported by a high level of expertise and customer service. For over 150 years, the FEIN brand has stood for application solutions and premium quality, with products specifically designed for intensive daily use in industry and skilled trades. Each FEIN product meets the challenge of solving an application with an operator-oriented approach and lives up to the FEIN reputation for durability and performance. FEIN has broadened its scope throughout the years by adding lines of reputable complimentary products to its mix. FEIN Abrasives, GRIT Belt Grinding Systems and most recently, the Jancy/Slugger product line, are now part of the FEIN range, reinforcing our global presence as “the metalworking specialist”. FEIN is the declared solution provider, as confirmed by professionals.


  • Slugger by FEIN AJMU 137 Cordless Core Drill
    Total freedom like never before!
    Need a high-performance core drill that’s mobile, and yet powerful and versatile? The new Slugger AJMU 137 cordless universal magnetic core drill is the answer.


  • Equipped with forward and reverse rotation, variable speed, MT2 tool mount and an extra-large stroke range; the compact AJMU 137 provides maximum functionality for any type of work on-site. Brushless FEIN PowerDrive motor with tacho-electronics and FEIN HighPower Li-ion battery ensure non-stop mobile work. FEIN’s HighPower Li-ion battery was specially developed for the FEIN cordless core drill and features high-current-capable cells for sustained work progress, allowing the cordless core drill to achieve maximum performance.

    Easy tool positioning due to the minimal weight the extra-narrow permanent magnet with partial engagement makes it possible to align the tool quickly and easily on the workpiece, including vertically and overhead. Plus, the permanent magnet does not release upon loss of voltage. Tilt sensor, magnetic holding force indicator, pivoting motor cable, and easily accessible control pads, further enhance the safety and convenience of working with the Slugger AJMU 137.

  • Slugger by FEIN JMC USA90 Low Profile Mag Drill
    Drill where no others have been able to before. Any space, any place! Looking to do some hole finishing in a tight space? The Slugger JMC USA90 is an ultra-low profile mag drill for hole finishing in tight spots where others can't go....

  • The new JMC USA90 - ideal for drilling in steel girders or for vehicle and trailer construction, in hard-to-reach spaces - even vertically and overhead. With a height of only 6⅝″ (169mm) and weighing in at just 16.5 lbs (7.5 kg), it’s the lightest and smallest right-angle mag drill on the market. Its low construction height and a width across corners of 1-5/16 in (33 mm), provides the ability to work with a clear view of the drilling location and very close to the edge.

    Equipped with a 1,100 W high-performance motor with tacho electronics, variable speed, as well as very compact size. Work safely with easily accessible control pads directly in your field of view, a tilt sensor, a magnet holding force indicator and 2,248 pounds of magnetic holding force. Extremely versatile and multi-functional - you can core drill, twist drill, tap and countersink. Solve more application challenges and benefit from improved productivity with the Slugger JMC USA90



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