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Programmable Logic Controllers are CSI’s specialty, their experienced team has implemented a multitude of different brands of PLCs both cutting edge and legacy; Siemens, Rockwell etc... They’ll make your PLC a solution to your problems. Or perhaps a new electrical design is required; CSI is a registered engineering firm that is known for standard setting documentation. Your control system documentation will differentiate your automation and make for more productivity and profit.


    The product is the BSAFE electrical panel; which is a modular power management system for 3 phase Automation panels.


  • MTE Controls Corporation and Control Systems International Engineering Inc.  (CSI) have combined their industry leading technical resources in developing a ground breaking product. The product is the BSAFE electrical panel; which is a modular power management system for 3 phase Automation panels.

      BSAFE is a modular power management solution for PLC or Automation panels that dramatically increases safety and convenience while it saves money. 

    Traditional custom designed power management solutions incorporate much of the same hardware (Disconnect, fusing, control power disconnect and indication) but have a reoccurring CUSTOM engineering, procurement and fabrication cost premium.  Higher cost is something that is synonymous with “custom design and build”.  The BSAFE panel through modularity, offer overall savings on your automation equipment capital expenditure by leveraging a ready and proven solution. 

    Additionally traditional custom design build automation power management solutions  ultimately fail to adequately guard against or segregate 3 phase line side ARC FLASH and electrical shock Hazards. 

    The BSAFE panel was designed to allow efficient and adherence to the “CSA” and “NFPA” electrical safe work practice standards.  The BSAFE panel incorporates a step by step shutdown sequence which educates the worker and reaffirms the practice of how to create an electrically safe work condition in conformity with NFPA and CSA standards while being convenient.

    Having a BSAFE power management  system on  automation equipment offers additional indicators and protection against residual electrical power that could  be present even if the line side power is down.

    BSAFE is an ideal solution for NEW or existing automation equipment.  This product will ultimately lead to costs savings in both new and retrofit solutions due to the fact that down time of manufacturing equipment will decrease with more convenient and safer access to control panels for trouble shooting purposes.  The BSAFE panel allows for segregated control of “Control Power” from within a segregated enclosure, automation equipment debug is often easier if the “Control Power” is on.   Automation equipment debug scenarios such as: Communications networks, PLC programming, HMI testing, Safety sensor or perimeter debug are all easier and faster to resolve with “The BSAFE” power management system in place on your automated equipment investment.

    Introducing BSAFE!



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