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Horn Group

The Horn group of companies is led by Paul Horn GmbH, based in Tübingen, near Stuttgart, which has been developing and producing grooving, side turning and slot milling tools since 1969; these tools occupy a leading position in the market. Our products are used by automotive, general engineering, aerospace, hydraulics, pneumatics, jewelry and medical equipment manufacturers.


Worldwide Presence

During the 1990s Horn established its own sales and distribution networks in France, the UK and the USA, an entered into a partnership arrangement to service the Italian market.  Since the Millennium, Horn has opened offices in Hungary and Belgium and further developed its worldwide network of distributors and agencies.


Manufacturing in the US

Incorporated in 1997, Horn USA has significanly increased its presence in North America.  The US plant began manufacturing locally in 2001 following the installation of equipment and support processes.  Currently HORN USA services North America and manufactures over 50% of its sales in the Franklin, TN facility.

 Press Releases

  • New standard tooling for drilling, turning and milling of carbide in the sintered state up to 2200 Vickers hardness. CVD-D-tipped tools offer you time and cost savings over traditional methods while allowing you the flexibility of utilize existing equipment.

    The geometrically defined cutting edges are matched to the machining task at hand – from extremely sharp and rounded all the way up to positive or negative chamfers. CVD-D diamond can be used for roughing work to fine finishing due to flawless and application specific optimization of the cutting edge.

    The tools enable accurate profile machining in the µm range and they offer substantial cost advantages along with increased manufacturing flexibility compared to grinding and eroding processes.  In terms of roughness, polishability and corrosion behavior, the surface structure is also superior, or at least equivalent, to these two methods.

    HORN has utilized the application advantages of synthetic CVD thick-film diamonds for several years in a special tool range for machining CFRP and GFR composite materials. These tools can also be used on carbide and ceramic green compacts, sintered carbide and aluminium wrought alloys.

    Visit us during HOUSTEX 2019 at Booth 2003 to lean more.

  • New tools for gear cutting

    HORN's product portfolio comprises a wide range of tools to produce various gear tooth geometries of module 0.5 to 30. Whether this involves gear cutting for spur gears, shaft/hub connections, worm shafts, bevel gears, pinions or customised profiles, all these tooth profiles can be manufactured extremely cost-effectively with milling or broaching tools. Now, the new skiving tool range is yet more testament to the company's gear cutting expertise. It is a process that has been in use for over a century – but has only been incorporated into a wider range of applications since machining centres and universal machines with fully synchronised spindles and process-optimised software have been able to accommodate its highly complex technology.

    Productive and cost-effective

    The new range consists of tools for high-yield manufacturing of internal gear teeth, splines and other internal profiles as well as external gear teeth with interference. In these applications, the key advantages that skiving  offers are significantly shorter process times in comparison to broaching, the ability to use the technique on optimised turning and milling centres, turning and gear cutting takes place in one set-up, the absence of undercuts at the end of the teeth, a manufacturing process that is generally more productive and cost-effective compared with gear shaping and broaching, and cycle times that are four to five times shorter than those found in broaching processes.

    Skiving tools are designed for gear cutting in medium to large batches. Each tool is individually adapted to the application and to the material being machined, with the various tool interfaces based on the number of teeth and the module size.


  • Oilfield Solutions
    HORN Oilfield tools offer solutions for high performance thread-cutting machines for API and premium feed pipes, case dimensions and couplings....

  • Crude oil is one of the most important and most widely used raw materials, particularly as a raw material in the chemical industry and as a fuel for transport and for generating energy. Due to the huge importance of crude oil, the crude oil industry is the largest in the world.  

    Special applications require special tools and technologies. HORN offers innovative system solutions for the oil and gas industries, which are tailored precisely to our customers' requirements and new manufacturing strategies for higher process reliability, considerably longer tool life and significantly reduced machining cycle times, and we ensure that everything is practical, and above all reliable. 

    HORN Oilfield tools offer solutions for high performance thread-cutting machines for API and premium feed pipes, case dimensions and couplings.

    The HORN product range provides tool solutions for high performance thread-cutting machines for API and premium feed pipes (tubing), casing dimensions and sleeve screw connections.  Our OCTG manager will be available for discussion during HOUSTEX 2019.  Visit us at Booth 2003 and see how HORN Tools can make a difference.

  • Boehlerit Milling Products
    Shoulder and face milling tools from Boehlerit are engineered to economically and reliably cut modern materials....

  • HORN now offers Boehlerit's ISO milling tools in the USA.  Boehlerit was founded in 1932, making the company the second oldest carbide manufacturer in the world.  More than eight decades of experience stands behind their innovative and competent designs.

    These tools are engineered to work in today's difficult to machine alloys.  The free-cutting nature of the tools allow for low cutting forces with extreme stability in face milling, shoulder milling and mold milling applications.

    Learn more about Boehlerit tools and how they can help you be more productive during HOUSTEX 2019.

    Visit Us at Booth 2003

  • W&F Modular Quick Change
    W&F modular quick-change holders offer customers a complete solution covering everything from the spindle to the tool’s cutting edge. The focus is to equip Swiss-type lathes with a highly precise, repeatable and stable quick-change system....

  • W&F’s patented taper-planned-contact with cylindrical support offers high precision and repeatability within 3 microns.  The inclusion of a slot and pin design maximizes the stability of the systems angular alignment position.

    All W&F adapters can be preset and measured outside the machine for improved productivity.  The simple clamping design offers safe and easy exchanging of the head with one hand.

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