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Oklahoma City,  OK  73102-5810

United States
  • Booth: 1212

ImageNet Consulting offers the latest in additive manufacturing technology!

We partner with the biggest names in 3D printing to ensure we bring cutting edge technology to the table. Our partners include:

  • Ultimaker
  • HP
  • BigRep
  • Roboze

Our 3D tech propels production to the next level with substantial savings, unmatched speeds, greater efficiencies in the manufacturing process, advanced automation, and higher quality prints! From small/medium size production teams to solutions ideal for large-scale prototyping with industrial grade materials, we have machines to fit every need!

Our 3D team has expansive knowledge and expertise on each of our additive manufacturing solutions and provides extensive training to all our customers to ensure the best 3D prints while saving them time and money!

Become part of today’s additive revolution with 3D printing!

 Show Specials

  • (Jan 03, 2019)

    We're giving away free filament to three attendees who stop by for a 3D print demo!

    Stop by booth 1212 to find out more about this exciting giveaway!


  • HP Jet Fusion 500/300 Series 3D Printer
    Achieve the quality and consistency you are used to with the HP products on a more cost-effective and smaller option. The HP 500/3000 Series allows you to create prototypes and final prints on the same printer!...

  • Designed for convenient in-house production. Now you can prototype and produce with the same technology. 

    Produce functional parts in full color, black or white—with voxel control!


    Create accurate, functional parts with an unbeatable detail

    • Produce engineering-grade thermoplastic parts with optimal mechanical properties.
    • Achieve fine detail and high dimensional accuracy
    • Access a wide range of future materials and applications with the HP Multi Jet Fusion Open Platform.
    • Dependable prints that you can repeat again and again. 

    Accelerate your design process

    • Increase your productivity—produce multiple prototype iterations in the same time it takes to print a single part.
    • Move smoothly from prototyping to final part production with the same HP Multi Jet Fusion platform.

    Full-Color Spectrum Parts

    • Produce brilliant, full-color functional parts while maintaining optimal mechanical properties.
    • Stay ahead with a future-ready technology, configurable for voxel control beyond color.
  • Ultimaker S5
    Ultimaker's S5, featuring a large build volume, user-friendly setup, and reliable dual extrusion, is an industry leading, user-friendly desktop 3D printer that is an answer to all your professional printing needs!...

  • Features

    Enhanced Reliability

    To ensure a flawless first layer, the S5's active bed leveling and closed front control airflow, while the filament flow sensor allows the user to pause the print and be aware of low filament issues. 

    Bigger Build Volume

    An impressive build volume from a desktop printer (330 x 240 x 300 mm) and reliable dual extrusion and water-soluble support allow the user the freedom to print multiple parts at once with maximum efficiency. 

    Fast Setup & High Uptime

    With Ultimaker’s unique print core design, swap nozzles in seconds to switch between build and support materials, or choose from 0.8, 0.4, or 0.25 mm print cores for fast or detailed prints.

    Easy Touch Control

    A 4.7-inch (11.9 cm) touch display makes operating the 3D printer effortless, displaying visual guides to explain configuration changes and maintenance, plus a visual preview of your print.

    Designed to Connect

    The Ultimaker S5 auto-detects material and print core configuration, while over-the-air firmware upgrades make adding the latest features simple. Print over Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or from a USB stick, and monitor progress via the built-in camera.

  • Roboze One+400
    Specially designed for quality and accuracy, the Roboze One +400 is perfect for metal replacement, functional prototype, and precise end-use products. Ideal for use in all industries!...


    The new extruder, designed specifically for the Roboze One+400 can reach temperatures of over 400°C, allowing for the printing of engineering plastics such as PEEK, Ultem™AM9085F, CarbonPA.


    The extruder has been designed and optimized for heat dissipation, and equipped with an air-cooling system.


    The movement in the X and Y-axes is provided by helical stainless steel racks and pinions to guarantee 25-micron positioning accuracy. 

    Z AXIS

    The Roboze One+400 3D printer uses a C7 ball screw with flexible motor coupling, enabling precision up to 0.025 mm.


    Known for the stability and durability, all Roboze printers are internally manufactured. The electro-galvanized steel chassis, designed to prevent vibrations and internal components are made from high-quality materials allowing the printer to be reliable and boast high reuse rates. 


    Complete with a beltless system and upgraded electronics, allowing the user to print durable parts in real 25-micron tolerances, allowing the Roboze One+400  to be unrivaled in FFF 3D printing.


    The satin finish anticorodal 6082 build plate reaches up to 130°C to print with even the most complex techno-polymers, while ensuring thermal stability and plate adhesion. 


    The Roboze One+400 features an impressive 200 x 200 x 200 mm (xyz) build volume for production of any idea.


    Designed to increase functional design, the Roboze One+400 features a user-friendly highly intuitive color 5-inch touchscreen display, simplifying the printing process without sacrificing design. 


    Features specially redesigned firmware and controls to enhance the user experience and safety. 

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