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AMT specializes in Sales & Service of: Star CNC Swiss Style Automatic Lathes, Hydromat Transfer Machines, Emco Maier CNC Lathes, Emco Industrial Traning Machines and Cubic Gang Style Lathe. We also have a complete line of filtration products including Filtermist Oil-Mist collectors. Our line of Leuze safety products includes; light curtains & safety switches. We also have sensors for every application - presence & position, proximity, photoelectric, laser & colour, flow sensors and limit switches.


  • Filtermist S Fusion
    Introducing S Fusion – the dedicated high-pressure neat oil mist collector from Filtermist ‘S Fusion’ successfully removes submicron particles generated in neat oil applications....

  • Introducing S Fusion – the dedicated high-pressure neat oil mist collector from Filtermist


    ‘S Fusion’ successfully removes submicron particles generated in neat oil applications by combining a specially developed synthetic self-draining media filter with Filtermist’s proven centrifugal technology - offering an effective alternative to other products in the high-pressure coolant market.

    Modern high-pressure coolant systems atomise neat oil into thousands of submicron particles, which bypass less efficient extraction systems or quickly block up traditional filter cartridges.

    While other solutions that have come to market have predominantly been large, expensive units with high maintenance requirements, S Fusion is compact, cost-effective and low maintenance.

    Mounted directly onto the machine tool, S Fusion does not take up valuable floor space, and lower initial outlay and running costs mean it offers manufacturers an efficient alternative to other available products.

    The new ‘Fusion’ filter is made from specialised synthetic materials connected to a patented Venturi suction system, created by a specially developed connection to the Filtermist unit’s drain tube. The system enables filtered oil to be returned to the machine tool – increasing the filter lifetime and reducing running costs.

    Extensive independent tests on a Star SR20R sliding head lathe showed that the airflow using Filtermist’s S Fusion system was only reduced by 14% after 4000 hours of continuous use – meaning on average, using an S Fusion on such an application would last for nearly two years when used for one shift, five days a week, and almost a year when used continuously during a double-shift.


    The new Fusion filter is currently available to fit the S400 and S800 units in Filtermist’s compact S Series range, designed specifically for smaller ‘swiss style’ sliding head lathes, as well as older equivalent models. It can also be purchased as part of a cost-effective new ‘neat oil solutions’ kit that includes an S Series oil mist collector and a Fusion filter.

  • Emco Concept Turn 60
    Industrial Training Machines...

  • The Concept TURN 60 combines the well-known, high-quality characteristics of the CT 55 with considerable further developments with regard to the machine base and guidance systems. The result is a high-performance PC-controlled 2-axis CNC turning machine which fully meets the industrial standard in terms of construction and function. With +46% more drive power, longer travel in X (+25%) and Z (+18%), a higher maximum speed and improved accessibility to the working area, the CT 60 impresses as a powerful machine for industrial training.

    With the ever intensifying competition and ever increasing requirements for quality, productivity and flexibility, demands for well qualified employees also continue to grow. This is where training plays its part: EMCO Industrial Training is a modular training concept to prepare employees for the specific production requirements and provide them with targeted training.

    Engineering without compromises
    The machine base of the CT 60 has been newly designed to provide state-of-the-art training for modern industrial machining: thanks to its inclined-bed design and the use of modern profile rail guides, the CT 60 offers high levels of rigidity and robustness.

    The positioning of the tool turret above the centre of rotation is also based on industrial machines. The machine's operation with, for example, an enabling switch and operating mode selection switch, demonstrates its industry-oriented design, and all this is based on the current turning machine standard ISO 23125.

    Its clearly improved performance and numerous options are further convincing features of the Concept Turn 60.

    The Concept TURN 60 with unique, interchangeable control
    Training can be provided on all CNC industry controls that are common on the market, thanks to the concept of interchangeable control. The conversion to another control system is carried out within a minute by calling up the respective software and by simply replacing the controller specific module.  Up to eight different control systems can be installed and taught on one single machine. Of course, EMCO is also constantly working on new WinNC control units, so that Concept machines can continue to be upgraded with the latest CNC controls.
    An additional operating feature that will be available from Autumn 2014 is the EMCO Easy2control option. Easy2Control is a software option that offers control-specific keys for the WinNC controls on a 16:9 Full HD screen, including with touch functionality.
    The various control panels for control and fast access can be switched between via tabs. The control panel for the machine is designed in the form of a mini hardware operating console.
    As an alternative, the machines can also be controlled directly, without an external PC. The easy to use software EASY CYCLE is EMCO's own software and it is based on cycle programming. The software is already integrated in the basic machine.
    In addition, the EMCO Win3D-View, which offers 3D simulation, far exceeds the standards of training and even the industry standard. This realistic simulation of the machining processes and machine periphery is ideal for training purposes, allowing the trainee to see the manufacturing processes directly on the screen. This shows once again the great deal of importance that EMCO places on training and its vast experience in this area.

    Intelligent courseware
    E-Learning 2.0 for CNC technology: Virtual Learning Environment E[MCO] Campus.
    Online platform for CNC knowledge transfer: With its new virtual learning environment, EMCO is offering an innovative tool for industrial training and education. The E[MCO] CAMPUS includes over 700 learning maps, videos, interactive achievement tests, explanatory texts, and images, and also allows tutors to create individual curricula and dedicated content using an authoring tool. Trainees work through four courses that focus on Basic Principles, Machining Technology, CNC and Quality in a relaxed learning environment. All courses have been designed in accordance with professional educational principles and make use of the most appropriate media. Whether a newcomer, machine operator/setter, or machining technician, the course contents are designed to match the individual student's level of knowledge. Tests at regular intervals provide students with the necessary feedback on what they have learned at each stage.

    Blended Learning / Integrated Learning
    E-learning and classroom teaching for sharing machining technology expertise: The EMCO CAMPUS is the ideal way to promote classroom teaching, as the basic principles can be learnt anywhere and at any time, and the learner can then come to the classroom as prepared as possible for further learning. The demands for technical education and training continue to grow: currently knowledge of 5-axis technologies and counter spindle applications is increasingly expected by the industry and these areas are therefore taught. So that the classroom teaching sessions can be used for learning new technologies and content, the theoretical basis should be learnt beforehand, and the EMCO CAMPUS supports the learners in this. Self-monitoring skills are also promoted: the learners are encouraged to adapt their learning phases to their individual needs and continuously monitor whether their learning objectives have been met.
    Technical education and training is expensive - but with the EMCO CAMPUS you can increase your efficiency.
    Typical Concept TURN 60 users are industrial training establishments which also manufacture goods, manufacturing companies with apprentices and trainees, factories, watchmakers and jewellery manufacturers, as well as beginners with demanding requirements and motivated CNC technicians who would like further training.

  • Star SR20RIV Swiss Style CNC Machine
    Swiss Style CNC Machine...

  • Star SR-20RIV Swiss Style CNC Machine


    Star's newest SR-20RIV machine has the most advanced features and broad range of machining variations including a 27-position tool station which can accommodate up to 41 tools including full B-axis for cross drilling/milling with a variety of tooling options. The SR-20RIV has a tool post especially designed for backworking, equipped with a Y-axis control function as standard. Both the main and sub spindles use a built-in motor and built-in sensor for improving indexing accuracy. This machine is designed with complex machining functions adaptable to multiple industries.