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Autodesk software helps build a better world. With Delcam on board, Autodesk now offers digital solutions that automate and integrate your design and manufacturing processes with the latest technology for CAM, with PowerMill, FeatureCAM and PartMaker and  inspection with PowerInspect. Alongside Moldflow, Netfabb and Trunest Autodesk manufacturing software gives you the tools to make anything.

 Press Releases

  • Autodesk Launches PowerMill 2019 CAM with New Additive and Simplier 5-axis

    PowerMill is Autodesk’s CAM solution for high-speed and five-axis machining. It offers a comprehensive range of strategies and powerful editing tools to ensure efficient, safe and accurate machining, especially for companies that are using sophisticated CNC machine tools to produce complex shapes in challenging materials. PowerMill is used in a wide range of industries but is particularly successful in mold, tool and die, complex aerospace and automotive applications.

    The release of PowerMill 2019 focuses on three key areas of development:

    1. Enhancing existing functionality for high-efficiency machining;
    2. Adding technology from the wider family of Autodesk software that can benefit PowerMill users;
    3. Developing completely new technology to allow PowerMill to support new processes

      Additive manufacturing

      To meet the growing trend for CNC machine tools that offer both additive and subtractive capabilities, PowerMill 2019 provides a dedicated suite of additive strategies and simulation tools. These are specifically designed to solve the unique challenges of programming these hybrid machines. PowerMill can generate safe and efficient toolpaths to drive directed energy deposition (DED) processes that utilize wire-fed or powder-blown hardware.

      These are not simply subtractive toolpaths in reverse, instead PowerMill offers highly specialized 3- and 5-axis programs that can be used to reliably build entire components from scratch. Alternatively, localized features or surface coatings can be applied to existing parts, allowing components to be enhanced or repaired. Of course, being PowerMill, manufacturers have instant access to a vast library of subtractive manufacturing strategies meaning critical features can be CNC machined where needed.

      5-axis collision avoidance

      For five-axis programming, PowerMill’s collision avoidance tools have been further improved.  A new “automatic tool-axis tilting” method for collision avoidance simplifies hugely the programming of five-axis machines. The new option provides a single solution that helps generate smooth and safe five-axis motion for all model shapes and toolpath types, making it as easy to create five-axis programs as it is three-axis code.

      Free trial

      As with previous releases of PowerMill, Autodesk is offering a free, 30-day trial of PowerMill Ultimate 2019. Those wishing to see how PowerMill can help transform their manufacturing precesses can download the free trial, by visiting

      Learn more

      To learn more about PowerMill visit

  • Autodesk has updated its well-established FeatureCAM application with upgrades, improvements and elements designed to make it easier and more productive to use. FeatureCAM is a familiar CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) program from Autodesk; it has been pretty much the go-to solution for over two decades. There is always a challenge to make the very good even better, and the company believes it has made a major step forward with FeatureCAM 2019. As its name suggests, FeatureCAM offers a feature-based CAM approach. Instead of having to program a machine stage by stage, the operator can program it using everyday shop terms, such as ‘turn’, ‘bore’, ‘bolt’ and so on.” It has sufficient intelligence to recognize needs and requirements from such terms and will automatically adopt the right speed and torque strengths without having to be instructed, line by line. [video width="1152" height="648" mp4="" poster=""][/video] Faster and more customizable FeatureCAM allows the user to program a process more quickly and to get consistent results across a wider variety of parts – and machines as well. It has a huge range of customizable settings supplied with the program. The user can even set customized settings as their default, which saves a lot of time in going through layers and layers to get to the right parameters. There are other software apps that offer similar features but FeatureCAM has the advantage that it is built as features, from the ground up. Every non-essential step that can be taken out of the process helps with speed and consistency, in software programs as much as in Lean Manufacturing. The Directed Automated Feature Recognition (DAFR) capability automatically recognizes holes, bosses, sides, and pockets in a single workflow, which enables faster programming. While standard AFR slices the model in the active Z axis and produces complete features as it makes its way down the model, DAFR allows the user to select the features they want even before recognition begins