Nitrex Metal Inc

3474 boulevard Poirier
Saint-Laurent,  QC  H4R 2J5

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SERVICES DE TRAITEMENT THERMIQUE ET LABORATOIRE MÉTALLURGIQUE Nitrex Metal offre des services de nitruration/nitrocarburation ferritique à partir de son usine de Saint-Laurent depuis 1984. Nos fours peuvent traiter la gamme complète des aciers, comprenant les aciers inoxydables séries 300 et 400. Nos procédés NITREG, NITREG-C et ONC assurent la qualité du traitement dans un court délai. Nous offrons également des conseils techniques et services de laboratoire métallurgique, des tests de corrosion en brouillard salin (ASTM B117) et corrosion électrochimique (ASTM G5).

HEAT TREATMENT & METALLURGICAL LABORATORY SVCS Nitrex Metal offers nitriding/nitrocarburizing from its plant in Saint-Laurent since 1984. Our ovens can handle a full range of steels, including stainless steels of the 300 and 400 series. Our processes NITREG (AMS2759/10A), NITREG-C & ONC (AMS2759/12) ensure quality of treatment. We also offer technical advice & metallurgical laboratory services, corrosion tests in salt spray ASTM B117, & electrochemical corrosion ASTM G5.


  • Nitreg® Nitriding & Nitrocarburizing
    Nitriding/Nitrocarburizing systems and heat treating services based on Nitreg®, a case-hardening technology that enhances wear, corrosion, and fatigue resistance of treated steel or cast iron parts without distortion....

  • Nitreg® is a modern heat treating process, capable of meeting the metallurgical requirements of all nitriding specifications that may have been originally written for salt bath, plasma or traditional gas nitriding. The ability to control the concentration of nitrogen in the surface allows the user to control the growth of the compound layer virtually independently from developing a desirable diffusion zone. This approach facilitates not only meeting any specification requirements, but it also makes it possible to improve on them by allowing tighter tolerances to be satisfied, particularly with regard to the thickness and properties of the compound layer.

    NITREG® Advantage

    • control of the thickness of the compound (white) layer and its properties
    • elimination of closed nitride networks within the diffusion zone
    • control of case depth
    • control of surface hardness
    • no distortion
    • Green technology, no waste pollution
    • family of derivative and related processes