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Putting your trust in QualiChem offers advanced product technologies covering a wide range of metalworking applications including: cutting and grinding fluids, metal cleaners, corrosion preventatives, and metal forming fluids. In addition to high quality manufacturing, QualiChem provides complete technical, sales, and laboratory support for all of our metalworking fluids. QualiChem has the highest performing cutting and grinding fluids on the market today, which is fueling our rapid growth. By applying the latest advances in additive technology and looking beyond those typically used in metalworking formulations, our team of chemists has developed breakthrough technology that is defining the next generation of metalworking fluids. 


    Premium Heavy Duty Multi-Metal Semi-Synthetic Cutting & Grinding Fluid...

  • XTREME CUT 250C is designed to provide optimum tool life and surface finish. It is formulated for use on a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and has excellent corrosion control for ferrous metals. This fluid has a tight emulsion to promote tramp oil rejection and exhibits excellent hard water stability. XTREME CUT 250C runs clean, has excellent bioresistance and is low foaming.

    Performance Benefits

    • Operator-friendly – XTREME CUT 250C utilizes state-of-the-art raw materials and has virtually no odor in use and is very mild to the skin
    • Extended tool life – XTREME CUT 250C reduces noise, flank, and crater wear and prevents built up edge
    • Long fluid life in both central systems and individual sumps
    • Residue free parts and machine tools
    • Easily recycled for reuse or easy waste treatment using standard metalworking fluid waste treatment systems


    • Boeing Aircraft Corporation (BAC 5008)
    • Bombardier Aerospace BAMS 569-001
    • Lord Corporation MTL-S-0136-001