Synergeering Group

Farmington Hills,  MI 
United States
  • Booth: 1226

 Synergeering Group, LLC is a direct service provider for their exclusive, RapidNylon™; large, fully functioning rapid prototype parts produced directly from your CAD & delivered in just days.

Parts are produced with a highly modified LS (laser sintering), process. Single piece parts are built up to 28” x 15” x 23”.  Larger parts are built in portions & bonded back together while maintaining strength.

RapidNylon™ parts are produced with a blend of GF-Nylon material.  Parts’ strength closely mimics production end material with the same density. Parts are also heat tolerant up to 150°C.

With Synergeerings exclusive post infiltration process, parts successfully perform in extreme under-hood & like environments.  This enables parts to be air tight and impervious to harsh liquids.

Synergeering is the leader in fully functioning intake manifolds withstanding 140PSI of static burst pressures & even backfires!

Have Synergeering produce a RapidNylon™ part so you can save time & money with a prototype part that actually works.