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Elcan Industries’ new line of Hi-Sifter screening machines that has proven to be perfect for the additive manufacturing industry. Elcan has a long track record of successful installations and numerous companies are enjoying the benefits of using this equipment. The machine has proven that it is the only sieving system that can remove fines down to 10 micron at a high efficiency in a single pass. Unlike UltraSonics, the Hi-Sifter employs a strong energy directly into the sieving surface which allows for the fines to flow seamlessly through the screen without ever having blinding issues.

Elcan also now offers the Elbow Jet Air Classifier. The Elbow Jet is the first ever multiple stage air classifier allowing for up to 3 cuts at once. It uses air flow and particle density to make extremely precise and fine cuts. Plus, there are no rotating parts whatsoever, which makes it ideal for both the Aerospace and BioMedical Industries.

Elcan has a full-scale testing and toll processing facility that allows customers to run large scale trials on the equipment before making any capital decisions. Call today to find out what makes us the experts in difficult to screen product! (914)-381-7500


  • Hi-Sifter
    Advanced sieving system used for conditioning and recycling additive manufacturing powders. Completely polished stainless steel body include no rotating parts or organic elements....

  • The Hi-Sifter is the latest breakthrough in advanced screening technology and is offered in North America exclusively by Elcan Industries. The machine excels in the pharmaceutical, food, and additive manufacturing (3-D printing) industries. The entire body and all product contact areas of the machine are polished stainless steel and allow for zero contamination. The high volume of energy being transferred to the screen allows for hard to screen metal alloys to flow seamlessly through the screen. The machine has a strong vertical vibration that allows for high rates of efficiencies and throughputs without any blinding. The removal of any potential for contamination within the machine, explosion proof designs and high energy make the machine the precise fit for companies looking to add screening machinery to their manufacturing plants.
  • Elbow-Jet Air Classifier
    The world's first air classifier capable of performing simultaneous multiple classifications of fine, dry powders...

  • The Elbow-Jet Air Classifier is ideal for abrasive or high purity powders. The Elbow-Jet contains no rotating parts due to the fact it relies on air flow and does not contain a classifying wheel making it perfect for the Aerospace and BioMedical. Aside from easily classifying two products, the Elbow-Jet can also do a triple classification with simultaneous fine and course cuts. It can even simultaneously classify four products!

    The Elbow-Jet can handle powders ranging from 0.5 to 100 microns. It exhibits especially high separation efficiency for particles ranging from 0.5 to 10 microns. Particle size is easily controlled and maintained inside the classifier by simply adjusting the sizing nozzles.