BigRep America Inc.

Woburn,  MA 
United States
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BigRep is a technology start-up based in Berlin with offices in Boston, New York and Singapore, which develops and manufactures the world's largest 3D printers. One of the ground-breaking developments of the company founded in 2014 is the BigRep ONE, which is supplemented by the smaller BigRep STUDIO. Interdisciplinarity and well-founded experience in the field of additive manufacturing characterizes the multinational team of BigRep, now comprised of more than 90 employees. In addition to new products, the Berlin company is now concentrating on complete solutions for industrial customers in the form of integrated additive manufacturing systems. The goal of the highly innovative engineering company is to revolutionize design, prototyping and industrial production from the ground up.

 Press Releases

  • Berlin, 28 February 2018. BigRep and BASF closed on a strategic partnership agreement to jointly develop 3D printing solutions for industrial applications. The collaboration includes the joint development of materials and printers for industrial customer requirements. On the other hand, BASF is investing in the company in order to further strengthen the area of 3D printing.

    Although BigRep was only launched four years ago, the Berlin-based company has quickly become one of the leading global providers of large-format 3D printing technology for industrial users. The announcement of a cooperation with the world’s largest chemical company BASF is a further signifier of its continuing dedication to engineering and manufacturing cutting-edge solutions.

    “We strive to provide our customers with the most innovative 3D printing solutions using BigRep equipment, and now BASF industrial materials help take us to the next level,” said René Gurka, CEO of BigRep, of the partnership. “BASF is the strongest materials partner.  Together, we can help our customers solve their challenges with innovative 3D printing processes.”

    BASF brings to the partnership extensive knowledge of materials and their industrial applications. It also has the broadest portfolio of materials in the chemical industry that can be used to develop 3D printing materials. "The forward-looking partnership with the combined expertise of both companies enables our customers to realize industrial applications faster," says Volker Hammes, Managing Director of BASF 3D Printing Solutions GmbH.

    The announcement marks the second closing of a growth round initiated in the second half of last year for the Berlin-based 3D Printer manufacturer BigRep, which provides hardware, software, materials and services for large-scale 3D printing, and counts Körber Group, KfW, b-to-v Partners S.à.r.l., Koehler Invest GmbH and kloeckner.v GmbH among its investors. In addition to its headquarters in Berlin, BigRep has expanded its operations to the USA and Singapore, and established a network of resellers across every continent.


  • BigRep ONE v3
    The BigRep ONE v3 was developed to make 3D printing of large-scale objects as easy as possible. Every detail has received our full expertise and experience — for better quality, higher speed and increased safety....


    The large-scale FFF 3D printer for professional and industrial use.



    The driving force behind the BigRep ONE v3 remains unchanged: to make large-scale 3D printing affordable and available to more users.


    To achieve the best possible conditions for printing large objects, many new features have been introduced. Despite its open format, all moving parts are safely enclosed. For additional safety, an optional plexi glass door is available on request.


    The large print bed has been further improved allowing for even better calibration. For large-scale prints, our new Power Extruder for 0.6 mm, 1 mm and 2 mm nozzles allows for high-speed printing without compromising on print quality.


    With the new BigRep ONE v3 we have made affordable, large-scale 3D printing even better – as acknowledged by the German Design Award 2016 we recently received.

    Open and Safe

    The Frame Construction

    The open format ensures that the user has the best possible view for monitoring the quality and progress of the object at all times. Moving parts have been enclosed for user safety, aided by integrated sensors that ensure precision and user friendliness.


    Modular and Independent

    The Extruders

    The modular print heads operate independently, allowing for unbeatable flexibility when printing in two colors or with a different support material (break-away or soluble). They can be easily adjusted and replaced without the need for tools. During the printing process, the inactive print head moves upwards slightly to avoid making contact with the object. The print heads were developed by BigRep’s in-house team and optimized for large-scale printing projects.


    Semi-automatic print bed levelling

    The Print Bed

    The heated print bed mounted with PI provides optimal adhesion in the printing process right from the outset. Thanks to an integrated automatic inductive sensor, the print bed can be leveled quickly and effortlessly, reducing prep time considerably.

    Big, Bigger, the Biggest

    The Build Volume

    The new BigRep ONE v3 features a build volume of X 1005 mm x Y 1005 mm x Z 1005 mm. With a capacity of over one cubic meter, the new BigRep ONE v3 provides the largest serially produced FFF 3D printer currently available on the international market.


    Spacious and Flexible

    The Spool Holder

    The spool holder has been designed to fit all standard spool sizes. It can hold several spool of up to 8 kg. A run-out detection system notifies the user when the pool is about to end. Optionally a filament enclosure box is available to protect filament from dust and moisture.


    Easy and Intuitive

    The Graphical User Interface

    The new intuitive user interface on touch panel PC enables many new features, such as remote load, check print progress via webcam, resume print afer power failure, and many more.

  • BigRep STUDIO
    With the BigRep STUDIO, we introduce a workhorse printer that brings a new
    dimension to large-scale 3D printing....

  • The print volume of 500 mm x 1000 mm x 500 mm enables continuous printing of large objects in a space-saving
    package. Because it fits easily through doors, the BigRep STUDIO is optimally sized for set-up in any location.
    The direct-drive dual-extruder with a 0.6 mm nozzle has been optimized for both speed and precision, capable of
    printing flexible materials. The all-metal hot-end allows for printing of a larger variety of high temperature filaments.
    Shaped by the winner of the German Design Award 2016, the market-leading BigRep ONE printer, our experts have
    engineered the STUDIO for professionals across industries to easily and quickly bring their innovative designs to life.

    The BigRep STUDIO is optimal for premium large-scale 3D print projects and has been specifically designed for speed and precision. Delivering highquality results around the clock, it is an ideal size for all working and production environments.

    Comfortable to Use
    The Ergonomic Design

    Raised for maximum user comfort, the BigRep STUDIO stands at an ideal height for everyday use.
    Keeping everything compact and accessible, two filament spools can be held below the printer, alongside additional storage space.

    Accelerated Printing with Precision
    The Print Head

    The direct drive extruder with a 0.6mm nozzle enables printing using flexible materials, with maximum speed
    and precision. Its innovative print head was specially designed by BigRep to achieve a high level of detail for
    large-scale print projects, allowing for a layer height of as little as 0.1mm.

    Saves on Space
    The Slim Build

    The BigRep STUDIO is a 3D printer that slots perfectly into all workspaces. Simpler to transport than other larger 3D printer models, its slender frame easily fits through standard doors in o ices and studios, either as one piece or in two parts.

    Easy and Intuitive
    The Graphical User Interface

    A new intuitive user interface on a touch panel PC enables many innovative features such as progress checks, including a webcam upgrade, and a resume print function a er power failure. It includes an option to calibrate print levels while a job is in progress.

    Fast-heating Print Bed
    The Print Bed

    Prep time is significantly reduced for all print projects, with the STUDIO print bed reaching an optimal adhesion temperature of 60 °C in just 10 minutes. Distance from the print bed can be continually calibrated, allowing for maximum flexibility and control over print levels.

    Enclosed Environment
    The Glass Slide Walls

    The STUDIO has side walls for increased safety, in addition to auto-pause of print jobs upon opening. The sleek glass doors slide back for easy access to the print bed and enable users to visually monitor the printing process.