Wacker Chemie AG - ACEO

Aceo Campus Gewerbepark Lindach A 12
Burghausen,  84489

  • Booth: 2010


  • Anatomical Model of a heart valve
    Digital models derived from medical imaging like CT or MRT can be printed with 100% real silicone elastomers. A selection of different hardness silicones help to mimic the biomechanical behaivour or human tissue....

  • DICOM data from scanning, MRT or CT are converted to digital models in CAD software. The models can be optimized for 3D printing (wall thickness, openings, radii) and printed in 100% real silicone elastomer in Shore A hardness from 10 to 60. The silicones are biocompatible or food compliant. To mimic the biomechanical properties of human tissue the appropriate silicone can be recommended.
  • Soft silicone anatomical model
    Anatomical models are obtained by converting medical imaging data, like CT or MRT, in to CAD digital models, optimize those for 3D printing and print the model in a Shore A hardeness that mimics the human tissue or vessel....

  • The anatomical models can be 10 to 70 Shore A or a combination with multimetrial printing.

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3D Printing of biocompatible 100% real silicone elastomers open new possibilities for medical devices and healthcare application, in particular dental application or anatomical models with individualized product geometries.