Impac Systems Engineering

319 S 1st St
Temple,  TX  76504-5500

United States
  • Booth: 140

Impac Systems Engineering (ISE), a Texas based professional engineering services firm, has a 30+ year history of providing cutting edge engineering, planning, training, and implementation services.
ISE has a complete in-house staff of skilled professional engineers, designers, programmers and architects, with the expertise to provide all-inclusive engineering services.
ISE is an HP dealer for the all new HP Jet Fusion 3D Printers offering high speed production 3D Printers.


  • HP 300/500 Color 3D Printer
    Produce functional parts in full color, black or white
    —with voxel control—in a fraction of the time....

  • Create full spectrum color parts with a voxel-control system poised for future innovation

    • Produce brilliant, full-color functional parts while maintaining optimal mechanical properties

    • Stay ahead with a future-ready technology, configurable for voxel control beyond color

  • HP Jet Fusion 3200/4200 3D Printer
    HP is reinventing prototyping and final part production with a disruptive new 3D printing technology and a collaborative Open Platform approach for Materials and Software...

  • HP's Jet Fusion 3D Printing Solution, produces functional parts, up to 10 times faster, and at half the cost of other 3D printing solutions.
  • Engineering Services
    With over 30 years of experience and satisfied clients, ISE can perform a single task or take on an entire Engineering project for you....

  • With an uncertain economy, many companies are opting for "Engineering on Demand" services. They are outsourcing their engineering demands to competent engineering firms for a myriad of reasons.  A few of those reasons follow:

    1. Accelerate engineering projects - Outsourcing some tasks within an engineering project can speed up the delivery and prevent you from the need to hire for a short time period.
    2. Free up resources for other purposes - Every organization has limits on the resources available to it. Outsourcing permits an organization to redirect its resources, most often people resources, from non-core activities toward activities which serve the customer.
    3. Reduce operating costs - Companies that try to do everything themselves may incur vastly higher research, development, marketing and deployment expenses, all of which are passed on to the customer.
    4. Resources not available internally - Companies outsource because they do not always have access to the required resources within the company.
    5. Work Overload - Some of our customers have too much work to complete their projects on time.  We have provided the extra engineer they need to get the job done on time.
    6. Lack of Expertise - Some of our customers may not have a particular expertise that was needed on a project.  We provided that expertise.  CFD simulation is an example.  If your company needs CFD simulation only a couple of times a year, it doesn't make sense to buy the software and hire the expert.  We can do that for you.
    7. A Departing Employee - Some of our customers lost an engineer to take a job with another company leaving them a man short on a project.  We provided that man.
    8. Temporary Workload - Our customer lands an unexpected job and is not ready to ramp up their employee level to accommodate the project.  We provided that man.
    9. Ramping up Business - Your company could be in an unpredictable state of growth.  You may not want to hire immediately or be able to hire immediately so we can provide the extra manpower.