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Established in 2002, Shenzhen Esun Industrial Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise which is committed to industrialization of biodegradable materials, such as PLA and PCL. With three R&D center involving synthesizing, modifying and application, it is the national strategic emerging industries projects, key technology research project units of Shenzhen 3D printing materials, national standards leading drafting unit of FDM3D printing materials. eSUN has begun the development of PLA in 2002 and engaged in the research of 3D printing materials since 2007. With the advantages of stable quality, rich varieties, cost-effective and wide application, it has established a good relationship with many world famous 3D printer manufacturers in FDM 3D printing materials, occupied the mainstream market in Europe and USA, sold to more than 80 countries, and has won a good reputation in the world. 


  • eBox
    The multi-function filament storage container eBOX has moisture-proof and dust-proof features. It is built to encase one roll of filament and in addition to its, the eBOX also integrates a weighing function....

  • While plastic may seem like a hardy material, 3D printing filaments can suffer adverse effects when exposed to elements such as moisture and dust—two things which are unfortunately common in most interior environments.

    Materials such as PVA, nylon, and PC, especially, have hygroscopic characteristics which means that they absorb water from the atmosphere. While this may be undetectable when looking at the roll of filament, the moisture absorption can begin to cause problems while printing, such as bubbles, inconsistent layers, and even bad surface finishes.

    To combat this problem, eSUN has developed the eBOX, a moisture and dust proof filament storage box which promises to protect your filaments.

    Each eBOX is built to encase one roll of filament (of either 1.75, 2.85, or 3 mm in diameter), which can be inserted directly into the box as there is no central axis rack. In addition to its moisture-proof and dust-proof features, the eBOX also integrates a weighing function. This, says the company, can provide realtime feedback to users about how much filament they have left on a roll.

    Essentially, when a roll of filament is placed inside the eBOX, a small LED-backlit LCD screen will display the filament’s weight. As the 3D printer progressively uses up the filament, the user can visualize how much filament is left by seeing the spool’s decreasing weight. This, in turn, will allow the user to switch out a roll when necessary and cut back on wasted filament.

    Aside from its weighing function, the eBOX storage container integrates a dust-free seal and a special drying bag slot, which enable users to keep their filaments safe from both compromising agents.

    Users not only have the option of protecting their filaments from moisture, but can use the eBOX to dry out filaments which may have been exposed to water molecules. That is, users can set a drying time and heating temperature for the eBOX, which will proceed to dry out the filament spool. Users can keep track of the box temperature by looking at the display screen.

    Finally, eSUN’s new eBOX product comes with an anti-skid pad. In a bid to make their product as efficient as possible, eSUN also integrated a feature which automatically turns the LCD display screen off to save power when not in use.

    Package Size


    Product Size


    Maximum capacity


    Product weight

    950 g

    Rated power


    Power output


    Power of drying heater

    24 W

    Maximum temperature

    80 ℃

    Weighing power

    0.1 W

    Weighing load

    2 kg

    Weighing error

    ±0.02 g

    Filament diameter

    1.75 mm/2.85 mm/3 mm

  • isun3d LTP4.0 3D Printing Pen
    LTP 4.0 is a low temperature 3D Printing pen. It's much safer to use and availbale with moblie power....

  • As a 3D printing pen lover:

    • Have you ever been burnt by the point of a 3D printing pen?  
    • Have you ever been annoyed by the restriction of socket when creating?
    • Have you ever been bothered by the frequent malfunction of your 3D printing pen?
    • Have you ever owned a 3D printing pen but don't know how to use it?

    Combining international manufacturing resources with three years' concentrated study and development, Isun3d is going to launch a new generation of low temperature 3D printing pen.

    Printing pen——isun3d LTP4.0!The solution to all your questions and troubles!


    As the updated version of isun3d low temperature 3D printing pen, isun3d LTP4.0 not only has all the advantages of previous versions, but is also upgraded in security, convenience, usability and auxiliary product. It's smaller and more exquisite from the outside, and easier to use in the structure, which greatly adds to the user experience!    


    Ø Security: Draw in low temperature, warm pen point, safer to use; Available with mobile power, keep away the danger of alternating current.

    Ø Convenience: Compatible with android phone cable and power adapter. The design of USB interface is available with mobile power, which makes creation possible anytime and anywhere.

    Ø Worry-saving: One-click operation , easy to learn, reduce incorrect operation,  easy to dismounting, less after-sales issues.

    Ø Much more fun: Matched with middle-school textbooks, over 100 exquisite paper mould, imported plastics-absorption mould, silicone rubber mould, electronic accessories, you can make plane doodle, three-dimensional painting, and creative handcraft as you like.

    Color: Five optional color, amazing customized color is also available.

    Package: simple package/quality package/gift package, customized packaging is also available.

    Printings Display: isun3d LTP4.0+eSUN low temperature filaments+matched application template, make beginners masters!

    Trademark & patent: Under patent, trademark registered,safe to use!