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PostProcess Technologies is a pioneer of the post-printing industry.  We are the first and only provider of automated and intelligent end-to-end solutions for post-printing of 3D printed parts.  PostProcess Technologies removes the “bottleneck” in the third step of additive manufacturing – post-printing, through a combination of patent-pending integrated technologies including software, hardware, and chemistry.  Our solutions deliver unparalleled consistency and increased throughput as well as enabling greater productivity.  Our full-range of solutions including support removal, surface finish, and process water management along with multi-functioning hybrid systems. PostProcess' end-to-end solutions work across all materials and all 3D print technologies.  Customers span many industries including aerospace, automotive, dental, consumer goods, defense and medical. For more information, visit


  • CONNECT3D™ Software Application
    PostProcess Technologies' new CONNECT3D software platform features functionality accommodating the digital thread for smart manufacturing through the final post-printing step of additive manufacturing....

  • PostProcess’ new CONNECT3D software platform is the first in the world to address additive manufacturing end-to-end within the “digital thread”, the concept of a digital backbone that collects and connects data along each component’s unique path through its final finished stage. Complementing PostProcess’ existing AUTOMAT3D™ software platform driving its automated, intelligent machine solutions, the software combines all features necessary to generate the direct digital thread while being fully adaptable to the customer’s needs. Starting with the native CAD-file or 3D printer sliced file, the software defines the necessary requirements and strategies to automatically post-process the additive manufactured part on the PostProcess hardware platform.


    CONNECT3D is designed for both metal to polymer additive manufacturing and imports most native CAD formats. With the benefit of increasing throughput and reducing cycle time for consistent customer-ready final parts, this new application will advance users’ additive manufacturing operations by empowering scalability and supporting the market’s drive towards mass customization.

    Currently, the concept of the “digital thread” within additive manufacturing breaks once a part is printed.  With conventional finishing processes relying on tribal knowledge and hand tools, there is no ability to collect or transfer data. Not only is the post-print process limited, the design input decisions, such as part orientation, are weakened due to a lack of downstream process data.  Critical areas such as maintaining strength along a preferred axis and minimizing the amount of support material are jeopardized. As a result, moving to an intuitive process, one that learns from itself, was nonviable before today. Now, with CONNECT3D, PostProcess has brought the first solution to the industry that completes the picture through the post-printing step.

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PostProcess supports the medical market with support removal and surface finish systems ideal for post-printing of commonly used technologies such as PolyJet. We work with world-class organizations such as Johns Hopkins to improve consistency and cycle time whether the print is for patient-specific models, teaching and education, engineering prototypes, custom printed lab devices, or patient education models.