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3YOURMIND provides platforms to streamline industrial 3D printing for innovative companies and leading 3D services. Our platforms enable our customers to use the technology to its utmost potential. The digital 3D workflows connect teams and production locations, optimize resource utilization and enable smart AM production decisions. Our on-demand AM services provide additional expertise your company needs to move forward from CAD modeling to part optimization and technology recommendations.

For Companies: Enterprise Platform
Bring on-demand production to your company with easy access to internal 3D printers and AM supplier networks.

For 3D Printing Services: eCommerce Platform
Optimize your AM services for your clients with automatic order processing and streamlined production processes.


  • On-Demand AM Supplier Network for Enterprise Users
    3YOURMIND offers an On-Demand Network of the world’s top Additive Manufacturers as part of the same workflow as internal machines. This flexible capacity adds materials and AM capacity when you need it without investing in expensive machines....

  • Moving Additive Manufacturing from prototyping to production is both time consuming and often filled with risk. 3YOURMIND offers access to our global AM supplier network to instantly expand the production capacity of our enterprise platform users. The flexible capacity provides a simple method to add additional materials, technologies and capacities without requiring a large upfront investment. It opens the door to scale Additive Manufacturing directly alongside need to increase the number of companies that can move into the next generation of production. The external suppliers are added to the same streamlined internal workflows that are being within the Enterprise platform.

  • eCommerce Platform for 3D Printing Services
    The 3YOURMIND eCommerce Platform was specifically developed for the unique requirements of industrial 3D Printing Services. It allows you to optimize your AM service for your clients, with automatic order management and streamlined production processes....

  • 3YOURMIND eCommerce platform simplifies and improves all the steps on the way to production. 3D models are analyzed for printability and optimized for each material and technology without any manual evaluation.


    Accurate pricing is the cornerstone of profitability for every 3D printing service and our platform provides an instant quotation for each model your customer uploads. The platform also includes simple steps to build and test your formulas before publishing pricing.


    Your customers receive an instant printability analysis of their 3D models and can filter options to select the best material and technology to meet their project requirements. All files, print specifications and customer communication is centralized within the platform to streamline the time operators need to prepare each print job. Operators can easily sort and download the models to ensure the maximum printer utilization.


    The online platform will become your new sales funnel and enable you to receive orders, 24/7.

  • AM Part Identifier
    3YOURMIND’s AM Part Identifier digitizes part and assembly screening to find the hidden AM potential of large part inventories. The platform saves engineers and project managers time and helps to properly allocate AM resources within your organization....

  • The AM Part Identifier (AMPI) is a platform to structure the workflow of screening parts for additive manufacturing. The interface classifies the components that are technically and economically suited for AM. That direct feedback enables engineers and managers to remove the guesswork from Additive Manufacturing allocation decisions. The reports that are generated by the AM Part Identifier also provide a clear comparison structure to select those high-potential parts before wasting valuable time on further design prototyping.

    The add-on provides instant comparison of part suitability. The easy to use interface for allows all roles in the company to see and evaluate how to move towards additive manufacturing. The system can be directly connect to ERP & PLM Systems and centralize part data for expert analysis to identify hidden AM potential.