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AddiTec designs and builds metal additive manufacturing systems, as well as providing additive products and services.  AddiTec is excited to announce that it is unveiling an innovative additive manufacturing tool at the RAPID exposition.  The AddiTec Direct Deposition Device (AT-3D) is a laser-assisted multi-beam metal deposition system for 3D printers, laser cladding machines and CNC systems. The patent pending AT-3D system has been designed to address the limitations of existing commercially available laser-assisted metal deposition systems.  The AT-3D design provides a unique method of delivering laser power and facilitating wire and powder deposition via the same nozzle.  High effective laser power (options ranging between 0.8kW and 2kW) is attained utilizing multiple relatively low power direct laser diodes.  The AT-3D represents a significant advancement in laser-assisted metal deposition technology through its unprecedented 10 material feeders and its dual mode (wire/powder) printing.  The AT-3D is offered for purchase at a low starting price of $89,995 and with an affordable lease option starting at $1,995 per month.