AddUp Solutions Inc

5 rue Bleue
Zl De Ladoux
Cebazat,  63118

  • Booth: 1542

AddUp is a joint venture (JV) between Michelin and Fives offering integrated solutions for the industrialization of metal Additive Manufacturing (AM machines & production workshops), leveraging both groups’ extensive experience and capabilities: in particular, MICHELIN's unique hands-on experience in the development and day-to-day operations of 3D metal printers and FIVES Group engineering know-how in the design, manufacture and assembly of reliable and robust machines and systems.

Beyond the supply of (top performing) additive machines for metal, AddUp provides training and technology acceleration support to its customers, and assist them in envisioning suitable parts and assemblies that could benefit most from combining design optimization and the (unique) capabilities of AM. And possibly, in a phased introduction, fabricate test parts toward establishing a proof-of-concept.


  • FormUp 350
    This industrial AM machine for the production of serial parts and prototypes, flexible and scalable, is based on laser powder metal bed fusion technology. It provides fast, reliable and accurate production of metal parts directly from CAD data....

    • Technical featuress:
      • Effectif production volume: 350 x 350 x 350 mm
      • Laser Type: 500W Yb fiber laser - 1 to 2 lasers
      • Layering system: bidirectional
      • Accuracy of spot position on the plate: (+/- 35μm)
      • Part reproducibility: (+/- 0,03 mm [for minimal thickness])
      • Thickness of programmable layer: 20μm to 100μm

    • Preparation data:
      • CAM Software: AddUp Manager
      • CAD: STL ou 3MF

    • Materials:
      • Stainless steels: 316L (1.4404) Grade
      • Maraging steels: 18Ni300 (1.2709) Grade
      • Nickel alloys: Inconel 718 et 625 Grade
      • Titanium alloys:  Ti6A4V Grade
      • Aluminium alloys: AISi10Mg Grade