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3DEO’s Intelligent Layering® metal 3D printing technology unlocks the potential of high volume additive manufacturing by dramatically reducing final part cost. Despite the low cost, our high-quality parts meet widely accepted MIM quality benchmark MPIF Standard 35 while still achieving tight tolerances and the best surface finish in metal 3D printing. 3DEO is a high-volume service bureau, and will open additive manufacturing to most industries that can’t afford it today. Learn more at www.3DEO.co.


  • 3DEO's Novel Metal AM Process
    3DEO's machine is a fundamentally novel metal AM process called Intelligent Layering®. 3DEO unlocks the potential of high-volume metal AM by dramatically reducing final part cost....

  • 3DEO's novel process includes six steps:

    1) Spread a Layer of Powder

    The first step to the process is to spread a thin layer of metal spherical powder particles over the entire build platform.  The layers can be very thin or relatively thick, depending on the geometry of the part and the features in that layer.  The average layer thickness is 100 microns.

    2) Bind the Layer

    A low-cost spray head covers the entire layer with a proprietary binder.  This binder is carefully applied to ensure it penetrates to an appropriate depth.

    3) Cut the Layer

    A CNC micro end-mill is used to “cut” the boundaries and internal features of the part.  These cuts create channels that define the part as it is being built layer-by-layer. 

    4) Spread the Next Layer

    Steps 1-3 are then repeated for every layer required to build the final green part.  The height of the part determines how many layers need to be spread.

    5) Sinter the Green Part

    The green part created through this process is then inserted into a standard MIM debind and sinter furnace.

    6) Finishing the Part

    Depending on the application and customer requirements, the parts can then be finished with a variety of options for secondary operations.

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3DEO specializes in small, complex metal pieces are prevalent in medical devices.