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  • External filtration system No. BB15F
    Filtration unit for all Burr Bench vibratory finishing machines....

  • The BB15F is a fifteen gallon capacity filtration system for use with all Burr Bench vibratory finishing equipment. It utilizes a filter sock to remove the effluent from the water before it goes into the tank. It is used externally from the Burr Bench to provide a much longer time of operation before cleaning the tank is necessary. The standard Burr Bench recirculation tank requires cleaning every eight hours of operation. The BB15F has a fifteen gallon capacity and will require much less cleaning and will be easier to do. The tank is plastic so there is no rust problems. The Burr Bench vibratory finisher drain hose goes into the filter sock in the BB15F. The sock can be cleaned and reused, or replaced, when it is full thus keeping effluent out of the tank. The recirculation pump is isolated from the effluent thus preventing damage to the pump. When emptying the tank the pump can be used to pump out the water by changing he control valve. Standard filter sock is 10 micron and a 5 micron sock is available. Dimension are: 24 inches X 12 inches X 12 inches. Also available in a conveniently sized siz gallon capacity. This unit takes up less floor space and is easier to move around if needed. Measures 14 inches L X 10 inches W X 10 inches H.
  • BB30 Filtration Unit
    External filtration unit for all mass finishing operations....

  • A thirty gallon capacity system for filtering and recycling the outflow from a mass finishing system. As the fluids drain from the tub or bowl, the pass across a filter bed. The water drains through and the solids carry out with the filter paper. The paper is advanced automatically, and it falls into a collection bin. The filtered water is recycled back into the mass finishing unit. The paper only advanced as needed, so there is no waste. Powered by a 110V drive motor. The height for discharge on the filter unit is 18 inches. Overall measurements are 26" high X 35" wide by 53" long. Can be used on a variety of mass finishing equipment. 
  • Burr Bench Bowl
    Vibratory finishing bowl....

  • The Burr Bench devision of Abrasive Finishing, Inc. is proud to announce the newest addition to our line. The 1-1/2 cu ft. capacity vibratory finishing bowl. This unit is a workhorse like the tub type units we manufacture. Features dependable performance, versatility, competitive pricing and Super Quiet operation. Composed of 14 gauge steel with cast urethane lining for durability and life. Powered by a 220 volt motor. Complete with drains, water and compound inlet hose, and electrical connection. Can be coupled with our BB25F filtration unit for easy separation of sludge from the water. The water and comound solution is then pumped back into the vibratory bowl. Ships from Chelsea, MI.
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