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Herding Filtration LLC is known for its high efficiency Sinter-plate filter dust collection systems and custom OEM solutions for production scale Metal 3D / Additive Manufacturing platforms.  Herding® Sinter-plate Filter systems provide clean gas values <0.1 mg/m³ (=HEPA) with filter life up to 15+ years on abrasive powders, and are ideal for pure product reclaim.  Designs available for N2/Ar recycle and proprietary passivation process for Metal Additive Manufacturing.

Herding Filtration LLC and Herding GmbH Filtertechnik is a manufacturer of filter media, dust collecting systems, and filter systems for industrial use.  Within a period of 40 years the filter specialist Herding® Filtertechnik has developed into a global supplier of complete systems for all sectors of industry.

Dry dust collecting, aerosol separation, and material recovery are the main focal points of our work.

The name Herding® stands for reliability, quality and outstanding services from our staff. Quality is what we put into practice and produce every day. Continuous improvement and a permanent focus on our customer needs are integral parts of our company philosophy. Visit www.herding.us 


    OEM solutions for production scale Metal Additive Manufacturing platforms. Herding® Sinter-plate Filter systems provide clean gas values <0.1 mg/m³ (=HEPA) with filter life up to 15+ years. N2 / Ar recycle and proprietary passivation process available....


    The raw materials of Additive Manufacturing bear a risk to human and machine.  Metal powder and reactive microparticles shall not escape into the atmosphere of the production facility due to a considerable danger to health.  Powder and dust, however, should also not remain in the construction space.  For almost all additive manufacturing processes the quality of a construction job directly depends on the degree of deposited contamination and foreign particles. However, accumulations of these substances lead to an increased fire and explosion hazard in traditional filter systems.

    This results in the need for reliable and efficient filtration technology, which will make the additive manufacturing processes safer in a sustainable way.

    »  The entire process chain of the Additive Manufacturing from the powder production to the final surface finishing is covered.
    »  Only gastight filter systems offer the best precondition for secure inert gas cycles.
    »  Increase of efficiency and sustainability due to pure surface filtration.
    »  Passivation of reactive materials during laser beam melting in the powder bed, during cladding and during hybrid processes.


    Herding® Filtertechnik offers customised and specially developed solutions which increase productivity and reliability of all areas of Additive Manufacturing.

    »  High separation performance due to surface filtration
    »  Minimizing of cross-contamination when changing the material
    »  Reduction of operating costs with minimal maintenance requirements
    »  Customer-specific unit design and configuration from prototype to series production


    »  Sintered rigid-body filter elements made of polyethylene with microporous coating
    »  Constant differential pressure due to the pure surface filtration provides optimum laminar flow in the process chambers of Additive Manufacturing processes
    »  Even in case of the finest dusts, very low clean gas values of < 0.1 mg/m3
    »  Possible long service lives of 15 years or more ensure minimum operating costs


    »  Safety concepts specifically designed for the individual operation purpose
    »  There are several systems for the safe dust removal to choose from
    »  Optimum protection of downstream aggregates and prevention of contaminating the process chamberduring laser beam melting
    »  Centralised filtration concepts for manual work station and automatic post-processing station


    »  By passivation the automatic addition of inert material significantly reduces the reactivity of smoke and metal powder rests not only when the dust is discharged but also when the filter elements are changed.

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