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At RAPID + TCT 2019 Kuraray, the world’s largest producer of polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH) resin, will present a new biodegradable water soluble support material called MOWIFLEXTM. MOWIFLEXTM is a water soluble thermoplastic material based on PVOH made by Kuraray. The application of MOWIFLEXTM as a water soluble support material enables printing of complex structures which can include moving parts in a one piece high quality print operation. In contrast to other polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH) based support materials MOWIFLEXTM perfectly combines cold water solubility with high stiffness and low moisture absorption from the atmosphere. After printing is complete the support structures can be easily dissolved in water, which can be conveniently disposed to drain due to the biodegradable nature of MOWIFLEXTM.

Our latest development allows for faster dissolving and better adhesion to various materials (e.g. PLA, PA, PVB, TPU, CPE, TPC).

MOWIFLEXTM is certified as OK-Biodegradable water by TÜV Austria

Visit our stand 458 to see our support material at work !


  • MOWIFLEX™ for 3D printing
    MOWIFLEX™ is a biodegradable water soluble thermoplastic material based
    on polyvinyl alcohol.
    Main features:
    - Biodegradability
    - Excellent cold water solubility
    - Low moisture absorption

  • For best printing results please follow the guidelines below.
    Handling and storage
    MOWIFLEX is soluble in cold water, which makes it inherently sensitive to moisture. It was designed to be as little moisture sensitive as possible and can be used at a relative humidity of < 50 % for several days to weeks without problems.
    However, if not used MOWIFLEX filament should be stored in a moisture tight aluminum laminated bag with some desiccant.
    Print settings
    MOWIFLEX is sensitive to overheating, thus the nozzle temperature should not exceeded 225°C and during printing with the main material the temperature of the support material nozzle should be lowered to <170°C. To guarantee optimum adhesion to the main printing material, a reduced printing speed should be used for the interface layers.
    The optimum printing parameters might vary depending on the printer and software.

    • nozzle temperature [°C]                  190-215
    • bed temperature [°C]                      25-70
    • printing speed [mm/s]                     20-50
    • interface printing speed [mm/s]     10-20

    To dissolve the support structures in water it is recommended to use an agitated water tank at slightly elevated temperatures (ca. 30-40°C). MOWIFLEX will also dissolve at room temperature and without agitation, but dissolving will take much longer. Afterwards, the solution can be disposed of conveniently through normal waste water systems due to the biodegradable nature of polyvinyl alcohol. For disposal of large quantities please follow local regulations. A safety datasheet is available on request.

    For further information please contact mowiflex@kuraray.com

  • MOWIFLEX™ for Injection Molding
    MOWIFLEX™ is a thermoplastic polyvinyl alcohol compound, which can be injection molded to water soluble objects. It’s high stiffness and water solubility render it the perfect material for use as a temporary core....

  • By using MOWIFLEX™ as a water soluble core, undercuts or internal geometries can be realized in injection molded plastic parts.
    Especially for the production of an intermediate number of highly complex plastic parts MOWIFLEX™ can contribute to enable
    their manufacturing by injection molding in one piece. After dissolving the soluble core in water the solution can be easily disposed
    to conventional waste water treatment plants, due to the biodegradability of MOWIFLEX™ (MOWIFLEX™ C 17 is certified by Vinçotte’s “OK biodegradable water” standard).
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