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Objectify Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is India’s leading AM-ESP (Additive Manufacturing - Engineering Service Provider) for both metal and polymer. Founded in 2013, the primary objective is to bring out a paradigm shift in present manufacturing processes. It’s the service portfolio of Rapid Prototyping, Conformal Cooling, DfAM, and Facility Setup Consulting which provides partners a crucial advantage in terms of part quality, sustainability, and industrial edge. Furthermore, partners gain insight and technical competence into the design application and global industrial outlook.  

 Press Releases

    • Quad Laser with a large build size of 400 mm³ and a build rate of 100 cm³/h.
    • Four times the manufacturing rate ensuring faster throughput.
    • EOS Smart Flow Application ensures Industry 4.0 readiness.  

    New Delhi, India, February 9, 2019 – Objectify Technologies Pvt. Ltd., India’s leading Additive Manufacturing facility unravels it’s one of a kind addition to existing AM machine arsenal, the Ultra-Fast Quad-Laser System, EOS M 400-4. With this Objectify had laid the foundation stone to take 3D Printing from Prototyping to Production.  

    India is the fastest growing economy because of a lot of factors. That includes the new policies in import exports and ease of industrialization and start-up benefits offered by the Indian Government. One small step goes a long way when it comes to contributing to the economy. Objectify has taken its small step by encouraging industries to adopt 3D printing in their day to day operations. When it comes to innovation and development of new products, 3D printing in India should flourish as it helps new and better products come to the market. The myths of 3D printing being slow and tedious also the lack of standardization are issues to be tackled and Objectify is playing a vital role in educating the general public of its importance. In accordance to making a difference, Objectify has recently installed India’s first 4x faster Industrial 3D Printer, the EOS M400-4. 

    The EOS M 400-4 is EOS’s flagship AM machine with the capacity to build larger parts in shorter lead time. This give Objectify the upper hand to serve faster metal component/parts builds and bigger moulds for Conformal Cooling (Conformal Cooling Channels serve as faster cooling for moulds which lead to more output in parts per mould) in the die casting / injection moulding sector.  

    The quad-lasers operate independently, and the group of them divides the build area into four 9.85x9.85 in. (250x250 mm) overlapping squares. This division of labor lets large parts get hit by more than one laser, which means that the part gets fabricated that much more quickly. Adding up to the fact that Indian AM ecosystem is gradually shifting from conventional manufacturing to the unconventional 3D printing, the M 400-4 adds up to the overall goal of moving the AM industry from Prototyping to Production of industrial parts, functional components, and batch production.  

    Manufacturability increase by factor 4 to 10  
    The quad lasers provide the highest DMLS part quality with the help of power stability. Moreover, all requisites can be seamlessly transferred from Objectify’s existing M 290s to the new EOS M 400-4 delivering equivalent part properties. EOS M 400-4 has material usage from light metals to stainless steel and tool steels to superalloys. Hence compatible with a large variety of metal powders such as maraging steel, high-grade steel, aluminium, titanium, nickel, and cobalt chrome alloys. Thus, Indian industries can go a long way when it comes to identifying the right material for the part to be built, this ensures innovation as re-engineered sample can be made faster to encourage testing and phasing to the consumer almost at once.   

    Production reliability & automation. 
    The word on the street is for IoT and automation. Computers and Microprocessors replacing human labor as some processes need more than the human touch, they need to adhere to Nano level precision and accuracy.  
    Keeping automation in mind, with a task-based touchscreen interface on the M 400-4, it uses a fast single re-coating process that reduces time spent on non-productive tasks so that it can get back to sintering parts with readiness. EOS’s new and patented ClearFlow Technology ensures compatible process gas management for ideal build conditions. 
    Ankit Sahu, Director, Objectify Technologies emphasizes: “With this, we have arrived at a crossroad to manufacturing. Before this, the AM industry was all about making small batches or a few prototypes for a particular industry. Now, Additive Manufacturing at Objectify can slowly and steadily take over larger bulk builds. The EOS M 400-4 system fits perfectly into our current factory setting of automation which is key to meet the high requirements of our customers, for example our clientele in the aerospace & automotive sector” The EOS M 400-4 is one of many instalments to happen this year at Objectify which will assist the engineers and industrialists to get the tangible product made after ideation at a faster rate. 

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