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Innovators in photopolymer, Photocentric are a photopolymer resin and LCD printer manufacturer based in Cambridgeshire, UK and Arizona, USA.

Photocentric manufacture innovative high performance 3D printers which use LCD screens as their light source, compatible Daylight resins and an extensive range of UV compatible resins for DLP and Laser printers. Their innovative 3D range has been designed and developed to meet the needs of every application and their upcoming large-format LCD printer range has been developed for custom mass manufacture. The upcoming range includes LC Maximus, the largest format LCD printer to be available this year. Featuring a 4K 40" LCD screen and 700mm build height, the printer is incredibly versatile for mass production of parts or large one-off prototypes. 


  • Liquid Crystal Magna
    Liquid Crystal Magna is our latest in large format LCD printing, giving companies the advanced technology needed to print large scale prototypes or small models in large capacity....

  • LC Magna is our latest in LCD large format printing ideal for mass production of small objects or large prototyping.

    With its large build volume, fast speed and high resolution, LC Magna enables many application possibilities. Where dental technicians can fill the platform and mass produce dental models, engineers and designers can print large parts for prototyping. To equip users with the needed tools for post-processing, LC Magna will be available with optional Photocentric Wash and Photocentric Cure units and Photocentric Resin Cleaner. 


    LCD Specification: 23.8” 4K

    Build Volume: 510mm x 280mm x 250mm

    XY Pixel Size: 137 microns

    Minimum feature size: 137 microns

    Layer Thickness: 50, 100, 200 microns

    Build Speed at 100 microns: 12mm / hour

    Cure Speed: 10 sec / layer (At 100 microns and dependant resin)

    Software: Photocentric Studio

    To support application diversity, LC Magna will launch with a range of compatible resins offering different properties. The range will include a durable resin for protoyping and a casting solution. 

    Available for pre-order, LC Magna will be officially shipping in May 2019. 

  • Liquid Crystal Maximus
    LC Max is the largest format LCD printer to be available, featuring a 4K 40" LCD screen for mass production....

  • Liquid Crystal Maximus, the LCD 3D printer for custom mass manufacture or large one-off prototyping. 

    The largest format LCD printer comes fitted with a vat fill and empty system allowing large prints from a minimal vat volume and making clean up simple. 

    Build Height: 700mm 

    XY Pixel Size: 230 microns

    Average Exposure Time Per Layer: 15 seconds. 

  • Liquid Crystal Dental
    Our first dedicated dental LCD printer: super-fast and highly accurate with a large build volume....

  • LC Dental is the optimised dental printer for chairside or lab, its massive build area and fast speed make it the ideal choice. It uses the latest generation of light array to supply even, high intensity light safely, for the user and the screen. 

    Fast Speed - In less than 30 minutes of printing you have 19 flat dental arches, 100um. 

    Large Build Volume - Maximise capacity and increase productivity. Switch models to vertical and in just under 1 hour you have 42 accurate dental arches, 100um. 

    Accuracy - +/- 77um. Allowing detailed and precise working models to be produced. 

    Bio-Compatible Materials - Surgical guide / splints and more specially formulated bio resins to be available. Open source and also compatible with leading materials. 

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