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  • PAPC: Bone Replacement Filament
    PAPC filaments produce FDA compliant 3D printed bone-like material. PAPC has passed NAMSA Class I testing governing cytotoxicity and skin irritation, as well as USP Class VI for Class II, and eventually Class III 3D Printed medical devices and implants....

  • Biocompatible: Living tissue and bone will absorb and adhere to PAPC.  

    Non Toxic: PAPC is non bioresorbable and does not dissolve inside the body or leech harmful compounds into the bloodstream. 

    Radiopaque: Visible to X-Ray and MRI imaging

    Desktop FDM Compatible:  PAPC II rivals PEEK in strength to weight ratio but prints at 230℃ making it compatible with most desktop FDM printers.

    Using PAPC 3D Models for Orthotics: FibreTuff PAPC provides superior anatomical bone models with Radiopacity for femurs, calcaneus, talus, metatarsal, skull cap, mandible, sacrum, etc.

    Simulating Surgery:

    Pre-surgical simulation, assessment, training & planning.

    Practice drilling through bones using models 3d printed to match patient specific anatomy.

    Practice putting implants in place, including exactly where and how deep to drill or cut bone with the proper insertion angle.

    Improved surgical outcomes for patients.

    Reduced operation times.

    Increased effectiveness of medical/surgical education and training.

    Ability to drill, saw, screw, machine, and laser cut.

    Anatomical accuracy of model in respect to patient.

    Realistic mechanical properties for cortical and inner bone.

  • PEEK
    3D Printlife’s PEEK is extruded in a clean room under expert supervision at our medical grade extrusion facility and maintains a dimensional accuracy better than +/- 0.03mm....

  • PEEK is a semicrystalline thermoplastic with excellent mechanical and chemical resistance properties that are retained to high temperatures.

    Our team has over 40 years of experience in specialty extrusion of high-performance thermoplastic polymers like PEEK and Ultem.

    3D Printlife’s PEEK is extruded in a clean room under expert supervision at our medical grade extrusion facility and maintains a dimensional accuracy better than +/- 0.03mm.

    • Medical: Considered an advanced biomaterial used in medical implants.

    • Aerospace: Utilized in both commercial and military aircraft, and in both settings, only reliable, durable materials are utilized.

    • Semiconductors and electronics: PEEK’s ability to retain its strength at high temperatures, its purity as well as its ability to withstand harsh chemicals makes it a natural fit for semiconductor and electronics manufacturing

    • Tensile Strength: 98 MPa

    • Felxural Modulus: 3.6 GPa

    • Glass transition temperature: 143 °C

    • Inherent flame resistance (UL94 V-0)

    • Nozzle Temp: 370°C to 450°C

    • Available to order in custom weights starting at 100g to allow for introductory testing.

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