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Selective Metal Plating on Plastic

SAT Plating has expanded the range of plateable polymers to include highly difficult-to-plate plastics such as ASA, TPO, Nylon, PPS, PEEK and PEI (Ultem™) materials, just to name a few.

Our proprietary Surface Activation® process allows us to improve the atomic structure of the polymer surface while using no abrasive blasting or hazardous chemical etching of the substrate.

Surface Activation®, along with our collection of other Adaptive Plating Technologies™, can be selectively applied to films, membranes, tubes, fibers, fabric and rapid prototype configurations. Our Adaptive Plating Technologies™ ensure:

  • High-definition – selective plating of conductive surfaces, antennas, functional and appearance coatings
  • Repeatability – high-quality and scale of production volumes
  • Cost Savings – expanded range of material choices and elimination of production steps

 Press Releases

  • Surface Activated® Appearance Plating

    SelectPlate™ Functional Plating Only

    Where You Need It!

    SLS w/ Nylon  |  Black Chrome Metallization

    PC-ABS and PSU  |   Satin Nickel Metallization

    May 6, 2019  |  Troy, MI

    SAT Plating LLC, a leading plastics plating company, is pleased to announce they will be exhibiting at the upcoming Rapid + TCT 2019 Show in Detroit, MI from May 21-23, 2019 at the Cobo Center.  SAT Plating will be exhibiting in booth #449.

    SAT Plating has technology-enabling plating capabilities to help the Additive Manufacturing Industry develop advanced and innovative product solutions for their customers.  SAT has expanded the range of plateable polymers to include highly difficult-to-plate plastics such as PEEK, ULTEM™, Kapton®, Carbon Fiber and 3D printed materials, among many others.  SAT’s Surface Activation® process, along with their collection of Adaptive Plating Technologies™, allows the selective plating of various metals onto Polymer Films | Carbon Fibers | Fabrics | Tubes |Rapid 3D | Injection-molded Parts, etc., delivering best-in-class metal plating deposits.  Ask about their latest plating breakthrough – functional |  structural |  appearance finishes on rapid 3D plastics.

    Rapid + TCT is known worldwide as America’s most important additive manufacturing event in North America.  Join over 375+ exhibitors and industry peers to learn everything you need to know about 3D technologies and real-world additive manufacturing solutions from the industry’s most respected experts.  For additional information about the show or to register, visit:

    SAT Plating is ISO 9001:2015 Certified; FFL Licensed; ITAR Compliant and Registered.  For more information, please visit: .

    Will Wallace

    General Manager

    Cell:  248.330.1868


  • SLA Plating
    SLA with Bright Chrome Plating...

  • Outstanding plating adhesion and high-quality results on rapid prototype materials.
  • Carbon Fiber Plating
    Carbon Fiber with Copper & Nickel Plating...

  • Carbon Fiber mesh with metal plating including RFI shielding qualities.
  • ABS & PC-ABS Plating
    ABS with Copper & Nickel Plating - no tarnishing...

  • Full & Selective Plating is also available on ABS; PC-ABS; ULTEM; PEEK and many other difficult-to-plate materials with outstanding results.
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