Atomic Craft Corporation

No. 8 Gongye 1st Rd
Taoyuan City,  Pingzhen District  32461

  • Booth: 2241

Atomic Craft has dedicated to development, production and sales of advanced functionalized metal powders, especially for 3D printing.

Since entering the rapidly growing yet demanding market, by exploiting our proprietary plasma-enhanced technology, Atomic Craft has maintained a clear vision to supplying high-end products of spherical refractory metal powders including Ti, Ta, Mo, Nb, Zr and their alloys.

To fit into the greatly sought materials aimed at miscellaneous fields such as medical and aviation, spherical powders of Ti-6Al-4V and other titanium alloys fall into our scope of supply, too. Our recipe and production know-how enables us to manufacture highly pure, excellent flowing spherical Ti-6Al-4V powders without sacrificing oxygen level and packing density.

Not limited to flexibly adjusting the elemental composition for individual customer’s requirements, Atomic Craft’s benchmarking service to subtly modify powder characteristics is designed as an ideal solution for a variety of powder metallurgy processes such as additive manufacturing (AM), metal injection molding (MIM), hot isostatic pressing (HIP), thermal spray, cold spray, etc.


  • CP-Ti/ Ti-6Al-4V ELI Spherical Powder
    Atomic Craft specializes in Ti64 and refractory metal powder manufacture. We serve our customers by providing Ti64 powder with low oxygen content to leave more room for oxygen pickup during additive manufacturing....

  • The spherical CP-Ti/ Ti-6Al-4V ELI powder and service made by Atomic Craft is exclusively developed for additive manufacturing, metal injection molding, thermal spray, hot isostatic pressing applications requiring sophisticated control of powder characteristics such as fine particle distribution and its flowing properties.

    The product has the main advantages as shown below:

    1. Highly spherical
    2. Excellent flowing properties
    3. High packing density
    4. Extremely pure 
    5. Extra-low oxygen level available

    Other high-temperature metal and alloy, extra-low oxygen level, tunable offering with respect to PSD may be available upon request. 
    We aim at supplying product benefits tailored for your specific requirements. 

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