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  • 3D Laser Marking Printing System
    It integrates scanhead, laser control, motion control and sensor feedback;
    Provide development library, software SDK, software is easy to learn;
    Support software and hardware custom development;
    Simplify machine wiring and reduce production costs....

  • ●Support 3D curve projection function.

    ●Support cylindrical curve wrapping function.

    ●Support convert bitmap to relief function.

    ●Support large format dynamic focus.
    ●Support the estimated processing time, easy to know how long it needs to be processed.

    ●Support ultra-fast barcode marking.
    ●New function for evenly optimize of hatch, to prevent the lines of marking result.

    ●New function for gradually add and reduce the power and speed.

    ●New function for round and sinusoidal jitter functions.
    ●Add new barcode type, support most of the barcode type.

    ●JCZ Laser Digital Communications Protocol 1.0, supports most types of laser source on the market.

    ●Real-time display the laser status in the main interface.
    ●64-bit software kernel, support oversized files, fix the problem of insufficient memory.
    ●Support 3D surface slice function, do not need third-party slice software.

    ●Support the dynamic hatching of the slice curve to prevent the software from taking too much computer memory     and running slower.
    ●Support the projector positioning function, easy to find the marking position of big format marking for dynamic     focus function.
    ●Any curve filled, the customer can decide to hatch line style.
    ●Material parameter assistant function, dor save different material marking parameter.
    ●Supports stand-alone function, support to mark max 8 different files without pc

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