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229056 Denali Rd
Wausau,  WI  54403-6123

United States
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Compound Dynamics LLC was founded in 2018 with the goal of producing a premiere Industrial Large Format FDM 3D  Printer.  A 1 cubic meter build volume, Yaskawa CNC controls and dual extruders provide a solid platform for large, reliable and quick printing.  Based in Wausau, WI we are a small but dedicated team expecting rapid growth in 2019.

What makes the RM better than all other large format printers? It was designed from the ground up to be a big, fast, FDM printer. We have worked with machine tools for our entire careers; using, designing, building, servicing, testing and purchasing. Basically, we are machine guys. Every printer out there just didn't appeal to us.  So we set out to design a machine that met our expectations. We took ideas from the machine tool industry, mixed in our experience and combined them to create this printer. It's big, it's fast and we love it. We intend to be the best in the industry through better mechanical design, better components and better software, to combine for the best ownership experience. We are very proud of the RM, we expect you will be proud to own one. 


  • RM - Industrial Large Format FDM 3D printer
    1 Cubic Meter build volume
    Yaskawa CNC Control and Servos
    Dual MHZ Extruders
    Fully Enclosed Welded Steel Cabinet
    Heated bed
    Ball Screw Drives
    Linear Rail guides
    1000mm/sec max travel speeds
    Multiple Nozzle sizes available
    Windows 10 PC


    • Control: Every Axis including the extruders utilize Yaskawa CNC components for speed and accuracy.
    • Direct coupled Ball screws.  Precision rolled 16mm ball screws are coupled with zero backlash couplings for direct movement translation.
    • Profiled linear rails.  All axis ride on profiled linear rail for precision, stability and speed.   
    • Semi-Monocoque Welded Steel frame:  Superior rigidity with superior accuracy.  Rigid and stable throughout every mm of travel.
    • Fabricated rigid heated bed:  Only 4 screws needed to adjust level.  Set it and forget it.  Bed capable of 125 deg C.
    • Built in casters, leveling pads, fork-pockets and lift lug mounts:  Our machine is easy to move, level or relocate.  
    • Dual Extruders:  Dual extruder MHZ print heads give you the ability to print in dual color or use PVA material for support, anything is possible.  The active extruder head moves down when printing, keeping the other nozzle safely out of the way.
    • Quick Swap Nozzles:  Nozzles are available from .6 to 2.0mm and are clamped in position, not screwed in.  There is no joint in the heat zone so they cannot leak. They can be swapped when extruders are cold for a safer exchange.
    • Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse:  Ergonomic control of the machine is made possible with a large monitor, full size key board and a mouse all conveniently mounted on an articulated height adjustable arm. 
    • Windows 10 PC on board:  You can run Simplify3D or the slicer of your choice right at the machine.  It makes testing, set up and running much quicker and more efficient.  WIFI and Ethernet connectivity built in.
    • HMI Interface: Custom software developed specifically for Compound Dynamics.
    • Space Saver:  Designed to be against the wall, all functions of the machine are accessed from 3 sides. This results in a reduction of required floor space, especially for a machine of this build volume.
    • Safe Design: The build chamber is fully enclosed and enters a pause mode when the doors are opened.  E-Stop is on a safety rated circuit.
    • LED Interior lighting:  Well lit interior provides for excellent visibility of the print process.
    • Filament Spool mounts:  On board mounts accept spools from 1 to 11KG.  
    • X and Y axis:1000mm of printable travel with both extruder heads.  1000mm/sec max travel speed
    • Z Axis:1000mm of printable travel.   167 mm/sec max travel speed
    • Filaments: 2.85mm for the best balance of speed and quality.  Use any brand of filament you desire.  PLA, ABS, PVA, PETG and several others have been tested.  
    • Power:  220V 60 hz single phase.  50 amp circuit required.  Options for 3 or 4 wire connections.  No air connection required.
    • Machine Size:  2270 mm (90”) wide x 1575mm (62)” deep x 2030mm (80”) tall.  Approximately 1150 kg (2500 lbs). 
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