3DQue Systems Inc

45 - 1146 Pacific Blvd
Vancouver,  BC  V6Z 2X7

  • Booth: 1765

100,000 parts/year. 18 square feet. 9 printers for less than the cost of injection molding. 

3DQue Systems introduces QSuite™: the highest volume, lowest cost, automation upgrade for FFF 3D printers available today.

QSuite™ is a 3D printer hardware and software technology solution that delivers scalable on-demand production of plastic parts at costs rivaling mid-volume injection molding unit prices.

QSuite upgrades today’s FFF 3D printers to make them fully autonomous. Prototyping printers are transformed into in-house, just-in-time production factories that streamline supply chain, material handling and inventory management functions.

QSuite will be launched at the RAPID+TCT trade show in Detroit on May 21, 2019 where users will be able to try out the system. Just upload the design and QSuite does the rest – automated scheduling, production, part removal, and printer reset. Find out how easy it is to run your own production unit: come to booth 1765 for a hands-on demonstration.


  • QPoD™
    QPoD™ is a high-volume 3D printing production unit that delivers up to 100,000 plastic parts/year at unit costs competitive with traditional manufacturing processes. Built with QSuite™ automation technology, the QPoD delivers 24/7 in-house production....

  • End-to-end autonomous 3D printing that manages everything from print job scheduling to production, part removal, and printer reset.


    QPoD offers a continuous volume production system that delivers parts free of the print bed. By eliminating manual tasks, 3D printing becomes a cost-effective, viable alternative to outsourcing plastics parts manufacturing and compresses the supply chain, increases responsiveness to customer demand and market changes, and reduces environmental footprint all while maintaining profit margins.


    Designed to optimize space utilization, each QPoD fits 9 printers in a small footprint of just 18 square feet — an annual output of up to 1,000 parts/sqft. A QPoD can be used standalone or as part of a larger array. Multiple QPoDs seamlessly integrate with one another to provide a rapidly scalable production that can quickly and easily move from prototyping to volume production. Each QPoD system provides 78,840 autonomous printer hours/year or 864 small parts/week.

  • QFlex™
    Ideal for operations with complex needs, QFlex™ is a high-volume plastic part production system using 3D printers. Powered by QSuite™ automation, QFlex is a custom-configurable solution for in-house automated plastic 3D printing....

  • Tailored to optimize in-house on-demand production capabilities, each QFlex system is designed based on a selection of printer, capacity, material, and configuration options to address a unique set of operational needs. It increases design flexibility and market responsiveness, decreases inventory, and frees up the valuable cash resources providing a clear competitive advantage.

    Reshoring production eliminates cost of mold design and production, shipping, duties, taxes, foreign exchange, outsourcing markups, and the need for volume warehousing, extensive material handling and administration. Increases in profit margins and cash flow means more financial resources to fuel growth and innovation.


    Elimination of tedious manual tasks leaves engineers and operators free to focus on high value activities, enhancing employee satisfaction, and increasing  attraction and retention of top talent.

  • QSuite™
    QSuite solidifies 3D printing’s role in industry 4.0

    Finally. An end-to-end automation solution that scales existing 3D printer capabilities from prototyping to volume production. Exclusively available to FFF 3D printer manufacturers....

  • With QSuite, 3D printers are finally ready to disrupt manufacturing.


    Easy to incorporate into existing printer design, this proprietary hardware and software technology makes printers fully autonomous and able to produce “unfettered” parts (fully removed from the print bed) without compromising existing printer operation or print quality. This minimally invasive automation technology is compatible with existing FFF printer configurations.


    QSuite provides OEMs with automation capabilities to create in-house, just-in-time manufacturing solutions for their customers. The addition of 3D printer automation to existing systems streamlines supply chain, material handling and inventory management functions, increasing sustainability while maintaining the bottom line.

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