Delphi Precision Imaging

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Delphi Precision Imaging
Phone:  425-497-9729

Delphi Precision Imaging is an independent lab providing advanced industrial CT & X-Ray inspection services. We CT scan customer parts at our lab and provide non-destructive digital imaging of the internal features, helping our customers quantify porosity, inclusions, internal cracking, voids, mis-alignments and more, and work directly with their engineering teams to deliver clear results in a user-friendly format.

In addition to our CT scan services, we provide in-house Volume Graphics Analysis Services including:

1. Part-to-CAD comparisons - we CT scan the part, overlay it with the CAD model to determine if the part has been built as designed.
2. Part-to-Part analysis - we CT scan the part both pre- and post-testing (stress, shock & vibe, heat treat, etc), overlay the CT scan data of both pre- and post- to detect and analyze any resulting differences.
3. Porosity/Inclusion analysis – we CT scan the part and detect, map and quantify the porosity, voiding and inclusions of the part, automatically color coding voids based on their volume.

 Press Releases

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    REDMOND, WA, April 17, 2019 – Delphi Precision Imaging is a premier Industrial Computed Tomography (CT) scanning service provider for the Additive Manufacturing market in the United States. Our advanced system and highly qualified operators and engineers provide excellent CT scan results, and quantitative analysis of the results using Volume Graphics.

    Industrial CT captures the interior features of your part, to verify printing turned out as designed. Additive Manufacturing can be low cost and fast, but it can also result in voids, misprints, residual powder, and other sub-surface defects if things don't go as planned. CT / X-ray technology is the surest way to understand your part, inside and out. Defects are mapped in 3D space and quantified, with output both in tabular format and in 3D visualization.

    A highly utilized service in the additive industry is part-to-CAD analysis which overlays the CAD model with the CT scan data allowing us to quantify deviations both externally and internally. Additional analysis services include measuring wall thickness and identifying the location and size of porosity, inclusions, voids and channel blockages.

    Delphi Precision Imaging provides CT inspection and analysis services at a reasonable cost, high quality and a fast turn time. We detect flaws early in the manufacturing process, allowing for fast iterations and product quality assurance, saving money and time on the final product!

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    Visit us at RAPID + TCT  Booth #659

    May 20-23, 2019 COBO Center/Detroit, MI

    Send Inquiries to:

    Delphi Precision Imaging

    8445-154th Ave. NE

    Redmond, WA 98052

    Phone: 425-497-9729

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