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IC3D’s mission is to expand human potential by making manufacturing accessible to all through 3D printing technologies.

IC3D is an on-demand engineering applications workshop converging traditional manufacturing processes with digital 3D printing technologies. IC3D owns the entire process from materials creation, CAD design and custom-built 3D printing equipment to large object 3D printing and low volume production.


Virago 700 Industrial 3D Printer

 Press Releases

  • Over the next three weeks, IC3D Industries (IC3D), in partnership with the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve and NatureWorks,© and Micro Center© and The Coca-Cola Company© of Columbus, will distribute over 17,300 3D printed toys for Toys for Tots© across the State of Ohio and three counties in Michigan. Toys for Tots was established in 1947 to bring joy to kids in need. Since its inception, and through partnerships with businesses like IC3D, the Marine Corps Reserve have distributed toys annually, nationwide. IC3D is proud to work with the Marine Corps Reserve to continue this partnership for the third year in a row, contributing nearly 20,000 toys in total to children in need.

    "It is an honor to continue my service to our country by giving joy to kids in need," said Samson Roberts, a Staff Sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve. "We accomplished so much this year and I know it has been tough on so many, but being the IC3D 2020 Toys for Tots Ambassador, distributing over 17,300 toys with IC3D and their incredible team has given me a spark of light in this tough time."

    IC3D, a Columbus, OH-based additive manufacturing company, utilized state-of-the-art 3D printers to produce toys out of love for the Toys for Tots program and a desire to support local children in need during the first campaign in 2018. This year, IC3D and 128 printers from across the country produced over 17,300 3D printed toys. Most of the printers are main street small businesses, hobbyists, or one-person shops who use high-tech 3D printers to make almost anything imaginable. Details and images of the toys are available at the IC3D website, www.IC3Dprinters.com; additional information is included at the close of this release.

    “We are humbled by the overwhelming response we received from our volunteer ‘printer elves.’ The 3D printing community have stepped up in a big way,” said Kimberly Gibson, IC3D Co-Founder. “This capacity shows how transformative these new technologies can be; in three years of this campaign, we increased our toy production by 1,000%. Imagine the possibilities when additive manufacturing and high volume is required and applied to medical equipment, parts for machines, or any other industry. IC3D Is excited to showcase how democratizing manufacturing for everyone delivers a rapid result at scale.”

    “We appreciate the opportunity to donate Ingeo biomaterials for the filament used for IC3D’s participation in the Toys for Tots program,” said Dan Sawyer, Business Development Leader, NatureWorks. “These toys will hopefully not only inspire play and creativity, but also demonstrate what’s possible when you combine innovative forms of manufacturing, like 3D printing, with cutting-edge sustainable raw materials.”

    The toys were shipped from volunteer printers to IC3D headquarters for distribution. Every shipment met rigorous health checks based on standards IC3D uses when producing and distributing their products, including a new decontamination system called the ATMO produced by Bigger Tuna, a Columbus based product development company in partnership with SMT, manufacturer of Selectrocide, ATMO’s active ingredient.

    Shipments were quarantined and toy delivery will be contactless. IC3D staff will distribute the toys to military bases and other facilities across Ohio and metro-Detroit personally, ensuring every toy reaches its destination. 

    “The health and safety of our employees, distributors, 3D Printer Elves, especially the ‘tots,’ and the safe distribution of filament to finished toys is of utmost importance to our company,” said Ms. Gibson. “We learned a lot during this pandemic about how to keep our community and company safe, and will ensure every child has a safe, but big smile when they receive their toy.”

    For more information about Toys for Tots, visit www.toysfortots.org

    For more information about IC3D Industries, contact Kimberly Gibson at kimberly@ic3dprinters.com, 614.937.1448, or visit https://ic3dprinters.com.


    IC3D Toys for Tots Delivery Information

    Between December 10th and December 19th, IC3D will be delivering toys to the following Counties in Michigan and Ohio.

    • In Michigan: Greene, Macomb, Oakland, Washtenaw, and Wayne Counties
    • In Ohio: Cuyahoga, Franklin, Hamilton, Montgomery, Summit, and Warren Counties

    For more information about delivery dates, times, and specific locations, please click HERE.


    Press Information 

    Press Kit: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1J5rVyJ87QZ_uUGyrWeHVRRZX7BuC63X3

    IC3D Social Media:



    About IC3D Printers
    IC3D is an on-demand manufacturing applications workshop converging traditional manufacturing process with digital 3D printing technologies. From materials creation and custom-built 3D printing equipment to large object 3D printing and low volume production, IC3D’s mission is to expand human potential by making manufacturing accessible to all through 3D printing technologies. For more information, visit www.ic3dprinters.com.

    About U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots 
    Toys for Tots, a 70-year national charitable program run by the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve, provides happiness and hope to less fortunate children during each Christmas holiday season. The toys, books, and other gifts collected and distributed by Marines and volunteers offer these children recognition, confidence, and a positive memory for a lifetime. We believe it is such experiences that help disadvantaged children become responsible citizens and caring members of their community. For more information, visit www.toysfortots.org.


  • Virago 700 3D Printer
    The IC3D Virago 700 enables reliable and consistent 3D printing of large objects from the widest variety of engineering-grade materials—battle ready to tackle your most challenging mission....

  • Features & Specifications

    Independent Dual Extruders (IDEX)

    • Dual Material/Color/Soluble Support Material Printing
    • Parallel Printing
    • Mirrored Printing
    • 500 mm/second Maximum Travel Speed
    • Closed-Loop Stepper Motors for Live Feedback (Estimated Fall 2021)
    • Filament Feedback & Detection (Estimated Fall 2021)
    • Modular Tool Heads

    Dual Gear Drive Extruder

    • Hot End Nozzle Diameter, Standard: 0.6 mm
    • Available Nozzle Diameters: 0.4 mm – 2.5 mm
    • All Metal Hot End: 300°C Maximum, Standard
    • Optional Hardened Steel Tool Heads for Strong Fiber Reinforced Materials
    • Compatible with All Filament Diameters: 1.75 mm & 2.85 mm
    • Filament Runout & Feedback (Spring 2021)
    • Build Chamber

    Removable Magnetic Flex Plate

    • PEX Print Surface for Superb Print Adhesion
    • 125°C Maximum Standard Print Surface Temperature
    • Fully Enclosed
    • Build Area: 600 mm x 700 mm x 785 mm (24 x 28 x 31 in)
    • Build Volume: 329,700 cm3 (20,832 in3)
    • Onboard Filament Storage

    Enclosed Filament Compartment

    • Capacity: Over 20 kg of Materials

    Vast & Open Material Library

    • ABS
    • PETG
    • PLA
    • UV-Resistant PETG
    • Anti-M PETG
    • ASA
    • Polycarbonate Alloys
    • Flexible TPU
    • Flexible TPC
    • Nylon (PA)
    • Thermally Conductive Nylon
    • High Temperature ABS
    • Glass Fiber Composites
    • Carbon Fiber Composites
    • Compatible with Additional Materials

    Premium Build

    • 750 lb Steel Weldment Frame
    • THK Linear Actuators
    • NSK Bearings
    • igus Flex Cabling & Energy Chain

    Software & Electronics

    • Recommended & Supported Slicer: Simplify3D
    • Duet3D Controller
    • Remote Network Connectivity over Ethernet
    • Touchscreen Display & Interface

    Warranty & Support

    • Standard Warranty 1 Year Parts
    • Zero Downtime Guarantee Available
    • Extended Warranties Available
    • Service & Materials Contracts Available
    • Engineering Support for Applications Development Available
    • Easy Installation & Setup
    • Operating Footprint – 865 x 1245 x 1905 mm (34 x 49 x 75 in)
    • 120 Volt Power
    • 1-2 Person Move
    • Heavy-duty Casters
    • Leveling & Locking Feet
    • Built-in Forklift Points
  • Ultraviolet Resistant PETG
    Ultraviolet Resistant PETG maintains its strength, durability, clarity, and sterilization compatibility while resisting the structurally degrading effects of ultraviolet radiation....

  • Ultraviolet Resistant PETG brings the performance of production grade IC3D PETG into the laboratory and the great outdoors. UV-PETG retains excellent clarity, puncture resistance, and impact toughness even after repeated ultraviolet radiation exposure outdoors or as part of the UV-sterilization process. While the color made fade over time, UV-PETG can be expected to maintain its structural qualities and UV-resistance for several years.
  • PC-PBT
    Rigid, durable, chemically resistant, and a wide operating temperature range make PC-PBT the go-to material for industrial & automotive applications....

  • PC-PBT blends the strength and high temperature performance of polycarbonate with the rigidity and stiffness of PBT, a polyester-based resin to create an industrial-strength material for demanding applications.

    As with all polycarbonates, IC3D PC-PBT boasts high temperature resistance and high impact resistance. The addition of Polybutylene Terephthalate not only increases those properties, but also means less warping on your 3D printed parts. Easier to use than most polycarbonate filaments, IC3D prefers PC-PBT for those parts that require more strength and higher temperatures, such as thermoforming molds.

  • Recycled PETG
    A high flow rate, dimensional stability, and superb layer adhesion helps R-PETG excel at large-format 3D printing at an unbeatable price....

  • IC3D is remodeling sustainability and reducing the environmental impact of additive manufacturing by turning waste into source material with R-PETG.

    Recycled PETG by IC3D is made from PETG resin sourced from both industrial & commercial operations and is the preferred material within our in-house 3D print services department. Each production run of R-PETG uses 100% recycled content while maintaining consistent 3D printing performance. Recycled PETG filament will be reeled onto reused spools. Learn more: IC3D Spool Return System.

  • Antimicrobial PETG
    IC3D’s Anti-M™ PETG has all of the strength, durability and easy printing qualities of our standard PETG, with an antimicrobial boost!...

  • Anti-M™ PETG contains a natural ingredient that impedes the growth of bacteria on surfaces through the power of silver. The silver ions within the polymer matrix are uniformly dispersed, creating a large “internal” specific surface within the polymer for highly efficient antimicrobial action. These silver ions are not depleted – even on the surface – during the inhibition process, keeping the antimicrobial effect of Anti-M™ active over time.

    The polymer additive used to formulate Anti-M™ has undergone rigorous laboratory testing under ISO 22196:2011. This ISO test measures the growth of bacteria within a 24- hour period on the tested plastic substrates. These tests measure the inhibition of bacteria, fungi, molds, and other microbes on the tested plastic substrates.

  • TPU 70D
    Tough, stiff, and with just the right amount of give....

  • TPU 70D is slightly less stiff than PETG but noticeably stronger. Featuring a greater impact & abrasion resistance, TPU 70D is ideal in industrial settings, out in the field, or anywhere strength & durability matter.
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