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FibreTuff ® is an advanced materials company for 3D Printing anatomical bone models, phantoms, surgical guides and working towards implantables. 
The company produces FibreTuff medical grade filaments and powders for FDM+SLS+Bioprinting. The printed FibreTuff has a "bone like" feel and appearance with an ability to cut, glue, saw and utilize high speed drills without melting to replace cadaver models. The FibreTuff has radiopacity unlike other polymers requiring radio pacifiers and can be coated to have a bone ring for use as a phantom. And, the FibreTuff has non resorbable ingredients, exceptional strength utilizing cellulose fibers and can be printed in a micropore structure with osteoconductivity. see


  • FibreTuff biomedical filament
    A non re sorbable FibreTuff biomedical filament in 1.75 mm has knotting capability, can be coated and has radiopacity.

  • FibreTuff is producing a non re sorbable biocompatible filament in a 1.75mm size. This filament can be printed in a micropore structure with coatings. The ability to knot the filament with cellulose fibers shows the exceptional strength and flexibity. Future applications will have a 1mm filament for bioprinting applications. Applicable orthopedic applications for the filament include connecting small bones. 

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